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Trust build Windows and Doors pride itself on offering the widest selection of high quality, energy efficient and affordable windows and door in Barrie. Our installers are always on hand to take as long as it takes to understand your project, needs, budget and vision. We’ve been supplying all GTAs including Newmarket, Bradford and Toronto for many years to meet any budget, security and design needs. With all this experience, you can count on the Home team to guide you in the right direction.

Complete windows and doors Barrie replacement can completely transform your home. Replacing windows means smaller frames and modern designs that bring beauty and more natural light to your family. Replacing windows will also make your home look cleaner and more well-groomed, leading to higher rates when it’s time to sell your home.

Common reasons for replacing Windows

  • The paint is cracked
  • Frames are deformed
  • A noticeable draft when it is windy outside
  • It’s too easy to hear outside noise
  • Your cooling and heating bills are higher than they should be
  • You have difficulty opening and closing windows

These are all signs that your windows are no longer airtight. There is a chance that they can be repaired, which we evaluate in a free consultation, but usually the best long-term solution is to replace them.

Immense reasons to replace your outer door

  • Broken or damaged door
  • Maximize energy efficiency
  • Give a fresh new vibe
  • Improve security
  • Protecting your health
  • Availability
  • Less maintenance

If you need any of these options, it’s time to update your entrance with a new front door! Home’s licensed and insured team can enhance the safety, attractiveness and value of your home with a superior front door replacement.

What makes trust build Windows and Doors different?

  • Energy efficient, maintenance-free windows to look brand new no matter the time.
  • High quality windows that are custom made domestically to meet and exceed the requirements of the standard.
  • 30% savings per month on electricity bills.
  • Free internal consultation
  • Fewer support calls, lower replacement fees and lower monthly bills all add up to a big improvement

Barrie windows and doors

Be you ready to improve your home with new windows and doors? If you want to install superior windows and doors in Barry, choose Trust build Windows & Doors. As an Energy Star® Canada Certified Partner, we pride ourselves on delivering high performance windows and doors that meet the most stringent energy efficiency standards. Whether you want to completely replace the windows in your home or just want to decorate the facade of your home with a new front door, Trust build Windows & Doors has everything you need!

Trust build Windows and doors Barrie offers a wide range of windows and doors. as of the high-performance windows to the original European tilt-and-turn windows of outstanding loveliness and functionality; we are a most important provider and installer of high class vinyl windows. We can customize windows in any size, shape or style to complement or enhance your existing home design and decor.


Windows Barrie

Saving energy is extremely important to our customers and it is also important to us. Trust build Windows & Doors come equipped with our Low-E glass systems, delivering high solar heat gain and the best UV value on the market. Improvement to power well-organized windows can decrease your heat and cool costs by up to 30%! Among other enviable features, all high-efficiency windows come standard with Super Spacer®, the only 100% polymer foam, with no warm metal-free separation of the system on the market. Super Spacers ® block the heat escape path to ensure superior thermal performance.

Doors Barrie

At trust build Windows & Doors Barrie, we have a wide selection of energy-efficient doors, including glass and steel front doors, sliding patio doors, garden doors and more! Energy efficiency is a big advantage; therefore all the doors we provide are Energy Star® Certified. Our high-efficiency outlook doors are also completely customizable in color, design. And finish to give the beauty of traditional wood doors with the durability and performance of steel and fiberglass.

Trust build is proud to play a role in helping home environments become more energy efficient. We provide and set up high superiority products manufactured accurately here in Canada. With more than several years of experience in the industry. Our installation teams adhere to the highest industry standards with regular and on-time installation for all our customers. The staff at trust build is professional, precise, and focused on providing only the most respectful and courteous service possible. If trust builds Windows & Doors Barrie sounds like the undertaking to you, please fill out our quick form for a free evaluation!


Our qualified team has years of experience in providing and installing industry leading products for your home; Whether it’s new windows, doors or garage doors, our selection of quality products and price points is unmatched compared to our competitors. Modern changeable windows are expected to satisfy the most demanding requirements. And not only from aesthetic point of view, but also from a technical point of view. Optimal sound and heat insulation coupled with minimal maintenance are paramount. But hard to find if you don’t know what to look for.

At trust build Windows & Doors, we provide our customers with a full range of services, from free assessments and on-site evaluations to custom installation of your chosen product. We’ll make sure you understand everything the product has to offer. So when you really make a decision, you can do it with confidence. Recognized as the most loved window and Door Company in Barrie for several years, Windows & Doors offers its customers the best products and exceptional service at a competitive price. What started two decades ago as a simple vision now defines Windows & Doors as Barrie favorite and best window and Door Company nearby you.


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