Best bars in Madrid

Best bars in Madrid

It is known that Madrid is a city full of life, where people enjoy its streets, its revelry, and its unique bars where you can enjoy magnificent tapas. In fact, Madrid is one of the cities with the most bars in the entire country.

In Madrid some endless restaurants and bars offer exquisite drinks and snacks, and tapas are classics that will never go out of style. Thousands of tourists want to experience tapas in the city, even those who travel to take spanish lessons madrid organize nights out to experience the incredible tapas and the nightlife in the city.

So much so that the “tapa” has been fighting to become a Cultural Heritage of Humanity, since 2018, when the government began the procedures for this to happen. The thing is that not only people from Madrid or Spain are the ones who enjoy tapas, but half the world also travels to these lands to taste them.

It is no surprise that international students decide to learn spanish in madrid due to the nightlife and the fabulous gastronomy that the city offers. Not only do they want to taste the Mediterranean diet, which already has the title of World Heritage and is one of the most recognized worldwide, but also because they want to practice “tapas”, one of the most fantastic customs in Spain, especially in Madrid.

Best bars in Madrid

Far from being forgotten, tapas have become a solid and critical tradition in Spanish culture. Because it’s not just about eating, but about hanging out, chatting with friends, having a few drinks, having fun, socializing, laughing, sharing… That is, enjoying a great time! That is why we will mention, in this article, which are the best bars in the city of Madrid to spend an incredible moment while “going out for tapas” with your friends.

But first, we will tell you a curious fact. It is believed that the lid dates back to the Middle Ages since many theories associate it with orders given by kings, who asked to “cover” (which in spanish is “tapar”) the glasses to reduce the effects of alcohol or to preserve hygiene. Whether this is true or not, in one way or another, tapas are here to stay, so let’s see which are the best bars to “go out for tapas”.

La Ardosa Winery

This bar is a worthy temple of beer, vermouth, and delicious dishes such as tortillas, salmorejo, or croquettes if you pass through Madrid, whether on a business trip or vacation.

As tradition dictates, La Ardosa has been specializing in homemade tapas for more than a century, as tradition dictates, and many other recipes. It is one of the most popular bars in Madrid, and the number of people that overflows it is proof of this.


This bar is one of the best tapas and has some beers. Here you will not only be able to try one of the best “bravas” (potatoes) due to its mythical secret recipe, but you will also be able to savor the most iconic tapas in the city.

The entire city of Madrid, and even half of Spain, visit this bar to order the best tapas in existence (which they have been perfecting since 1963), very crispy and with a little irresistible spiciness.

La Catapa

This bar also boasts of its salmorejo and its tortilla, but it also offers tripe, kidneys, and gizzards, which are to die for! It has an extensive bar, and several high tables around it.

La Catapa has been crowned one of the best bars within the Retiro area.

Taberna Laredo

The house of the Laredo brothers is the ideal place to share good cuisine and good wines up close with your friends.

Here you can taste some magnificent stews and spoon dishes, prepared by David, accompanied by the best broths. If you visit the Laredo Tavern, you cannot miss out on trying the rice dishes, the rabbit chops with potatoes, the cheek, the Russian salad, or the suckling pig confit with truffled potato cream.


Fide is a sanctuary for those who enjoy beers and tapas. In this bar, the draft beer is one of the best in the city, and its specialty is fresh seafood, which is usually served with anchovies or with its potatoes, which are incomparable.

Lúa Barra

This fabulous bar is the winner of a Michelin star and is located in the Chamberí neighborhood. The bar menu demonstrates the art of its chef Manuel Dominguez.

The place has a terrace with high tables where everyone is dying to enjoy their unbeatable gizzards.

Manero Claudio Coello

In a more sophisticated plane, we can locate Manero. It is a neoclassical style tavern with a luxurious appearance, which after being successful for many years in Alicante, arrived in Madrid.

Its prices are affordable despite its elegance. It has high and elegant tables, where you can sit down to eat the best croquettes or an incredible sandwich of squid, seafood, or gourmet products.

Manero has its brand of wines that define its good taste. If you decide to have a few drinks here, we recommend that you lean more towards their champagnes than their beers.

Sala de Despiece

You will not find tables or crockery; there are only stools in front of a large bar with metal trays. However, its products are so coveted that this bar has already expanded to other neighborhoods, opening a branch next to La Gran Vía. Here you must try the seafood, the steak tartare or its offal.


It is a “fine neighborhood bar”, as they describe it in Madrid. It offers incredible tapas. You can try exquisite tripe, torreznos and oxtail. In addition, this is the home of Miguel Carretero’s ham croquette, which was chosen “the best in the world” in 2018. This is because, in addition to being prepared with excellent Iberian ham, the chef gives it a fundamental touch with its very creamy bechamel.


The bar of this incredible restaurant has conquered the entire city with its croquettes, its “deconstructed” tiger, its amazing Russian salad, its pork taco, bean stew, tripe, Rioja-style potatoes, and many other dishes.

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