Best Crew Cut Styles and How to Style Them

Best Crew Cut Styles and How to Style Them

Crew cut styles are simple, stylish, easy to achieve, and straightforward to maintain. Although mostly referred to as a buzz cut, crew haircuts are different from the former. If you walk into a stylist’s shop and ask for a buzz cut, hoping to get a crew haircut, you will be shocked and disappointed.

Buzz and crew haircuts are different in that crew haircut is tapered in the back and sides, with a fade. The stylist also leaves more length at the top. With the buzz style, the stylist clippers the hair short on all sides. In short, the buzz cuts are mostly bald, but crew cut styles have an added style of a fade on the sides and back.

  1. How The Crew Cut Grew Its Popularity

The crew haircut was mainly known for men in the rowing team. The fuss-free finish, tidiness, and ease of maintenance made most people prefer this style. Also, this hairstyle keeps hair from being blown into the face, giving the rower comfort and concentration.

When it started gaining popularity, men in the army began embracing the style. This made it even more popular. Also, army men preferred it because of its ease of style and maintenance. The crew cut is not picky with hair types, shapes, and texture. People with tough straight strands can style a crew haircut comfortably, like those with curly hair.

How The Crew Cut Grew Its Popularity

  1. Crew Cuts Hairstyles To Try
  • The Classic Crew Haircut

This is so far the most common crew hairstyle among men. The classic cut was initially styled by rowers and recruits. The style has grown in popularity, and it has become more common among men globally. It is easy to achieve and maintain, and it has a masculine look.

If you fancy shorter sides, ask the barber to use a grade three blade. If you want a softer or more textured finish, the stylist will use scissors to achieve the square layered shape. The transition of the tapper on the sides and the lengthy top should be gradual. The length should also increase towards the front of the head.

  • Textured Crew Haircut

The textured crew cut was initially about keeping it neat with some hair products like pomade, but today, things have changed. There are more ways to style the textured crew cut.

The stylist leaves more length on the top hair. They can use scissors to add texture. The style resembles the classic crew cut, with a lengthy stop and some fading sides. The difference with this one is that you need to use hair products to hold it firm and make the hair last all day.

Textured Crew Haircut

  • Crew Haircut Fade

The crew cut fade is common among celebrities, and so it is incredible if you want to associate yourself with the red-carpet regulars. With this one, the top hair is lengthier and more textured. It also features a low to mid fade that is done at the back and on the sides.

Your barber should keep the fade mid or low, with more weight around the back and sides. The styles of this cut could depend on your hair type. If it is straight, use texturizing wax as a thickening paste. People hoping to achieve wavier styles can try texture spray for more grip.

  • Short Crew Cut

For guys who want to go even shorter with their crew style, this would be a standard cut to opt for. Crew haircuts can resemble the buzz cuts by making them shorter on the sides and leaving some length at the top. The hairstyle resembles two common cuts; a buzz cut and a crew cut. However, the short crew haircut is shorter than the other cuts, but it will leave you looking masculine and sharp.

The faded sides are crucial. The barber should use suitable blades for this cut, and there should not be a sign for the difference in the lengths, meaning the transition should be smooth. Also, the length at the top should be super short.

Not much effort is needed to maintain this cut. A little hair product is enough to keep the hold from morning to evening. Also, if you are not willing to style, you can do a wash-and-go.

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