Best Emerging Trends Tools and how NetbaseQuid can Help Businesses Track Trends

Best Emerging Trends Tools and how NetbaseQuid can Help Businesses Track Trends

Emerging trends are products or services that have the potential to be disruptive, either by directly challenging existing business models or by altering the rules of the game. They entail various tools and services like social media marketing, mobile marketing, and cloud technology that are increasingly used in marketing campaigns across companies irrespective of their size, complexity, and industry. Companies must develop strategies that capitalize on these trends or risk losing valuable customers.

1. Google Trends

This tool offers an excellent snapshot of how long a particular keyword has been popular, where and how many times it has been searched. Google Trends draws on a database of trillions of search queries, showing the relative popularity of different keywords and phrases across time. It can track sentiment around a particular subject, brand, or product category by providing information on search volume and trend direction.

Small businesses can use this tool to understand their target audience better, determine topics and content that may interest them, and track what emerging trends are currently top in their industry. They can also get insights into increasing organic traffic and how to optimize their website based on popular search terms.

2. Semrush Market Explorer

This tool provides detailed information, including traffic sources, organic keywords, social media and Google rankings, and backlinks. This service is especially valuable for small and medium-sized businesses with limited resources. It can help improve a web admin’s understanding of its site in terms of how it ranks compared to its competitors and what areas need improvement for them to rank better.

The data is recorded, analyzed, and presented in an easy-to-understand format. You can find out which of your site’s pages are getting the most traffic and which are not, what keywords they have used to find your site, and how long they have spent on each page. You can also view a site map of any website you choose.

3. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is an internet media company dedicated to tracking viral content. It was co-founded by Jonah Peretti and John Johnson III in 2006. It became an immediate success following the launch of its viral listicles on social media sites, particularly on Twitter. The company has grown to include a wide range of original content that ranges from user-generated quizzes and lists to scripted comedy programs and news reports.

BuzzFeed is one of the ideal places to check out what people share on social media. You can see what’s hot right now, what’s trending in your industry or niche, and most importantly, you can use it to find content ideas for your business. The tool also provides a real-time analysis of reports and data. It allows you to check the number of shares, comments, likes, and overall engagement, making it easier to measure your marketing strategy’s impact on social media.

How NetbaseQuid can Help Businesses Track Emerging Trends

NetbaseQuid can help you track trends using several tools and services. We provide data to inform you about trending topics, the latest marketing tools and methods, and how to use trends in your marketing campaigns. Our AI platform allows us to constantly monitor and analyze social media trends, brand performance, and other information related to marketing. The data we collect is presented in a detailed report that is particularly useful for small business owners who don’t have the resources or budget to hire a team of analysts.

From insights about your industry, competitors, and target market to information about specific product launches, trends, and new technology, we can help you assess your marketing plan and make necessary adjustments. Our data can help you create a more effective marketing strategy to boost your business’s online presence and help you get more customers.

Trends are becoming an increasingly important marketing tool for businesses of all sizes and across different industries. Companies need the knowledge and expertise to harness the potential of emerging trends to gain a step ahead of the competition.

Written by Francis Underwood

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