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At this time of COVID 19 pandemic situations overall all businesses are going down but only one business is in the booming part which is online business. More than 90% of businesses are stopped during this situation and lockdown so everyone turns their business online. From tea to house everything sells and buys through online. So you can use this situation and earn money. And the fact is now technology is also developed and it also changes people’s lifestyle. At first, you can start a business at a small scale and with low investment and slowly you can grow your business with the help of technology enhanced learning and with innovation and creativity. Instagram has created a floor for online business. You can start your business with the help of technology, and this idea can progress your business day by day. Therefore, building an attractive Insta profile and consistently fascinating posts will give you a good start. There are safe bots for Instagram growth available, you may choose one as well. Here you can get all the latest news about business and learn more.

1. Associate Marketing:

Associate marketing is a marketing arrangement by which an online retail merchant pays to an external website for traffic or sales produced from its referrals. It is one of the most popular to make money online and from here you can earn massive money, and be able to establish yourself.

An example of affiliate marketing is that you can write a post about a food processor for a food blogger. Then in this post you could include a link, a button or banner ad that would take the reader directly to the product on an ecommerce platform or site and they could order it based on your recommendation. Here your job is to send customers to your affiliate program offers. Click here to know more about the internet.

2. SEO Consultant:

The owners of many smaller companies do not realize how important SEO or search engine optimization can have on their business. The business owners should know the power of SEO that helps to transform their business website. Using your skill you can show the business owners how to read and use their data the right way and how to use keywords properly and structure content to get more traffic.

3. Online teaching:

During this pandemic all the government and private schools are closed so that children are not getting to learn. At this you can start online teaching. It has zero investment; you just need a pc or Smartphone with internet connection. You can also contact e learning apps so that they employ you or you can also start your own e learning app or website.

4. Content writer:

It is one of the best ways to earn money from home. . If you have good skill in writing and you can write on new innovative ideas then you should write for online bloggers or websites. They pay you good salary for your writing, for this business you don’t need huge investment; rather you can do it with your knowledge and talent and the help of technology.

5. Social Media Consultant:

Social media is become most important part of modern marketing. Every business, company, authority figures have their good will and reputation in the market which opens up by the social media consultant, they handle their social profile and projects. So with this skill you can earn well money.

6. Modified Gifts:

Everyone have their own desire to give their love one something memorable gifts on any occasions or festivals. Gifts with personal touch have become trendier in those days. So it is a profitable business with little investment and you can do this business from your own home with some creative skills and innovative ideas.


These ideas are the best for starting a business without investing money. you can also start small business with few money investment.

Written by Frederick Jace

A passionate Blogger and a Full time Tech writer. SEO and Content Writer Expert since 2015.

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