The Ultimate Guide to the Best Online Church Management Software

Church Management Software

Did you know that approximately 52 percent of adults in the United States are members of a church? Going to church every Sunday is important to many people, and COVID-19 has made that difficult. Thankfully, there are plenty of church management software programs that help provide the best online church experience.

This church software helps your church with church management. It also comes with church accounting software and will help you with your church’s finances. The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn about how to find the best church management software.

Continue reading to learn all about how to have the best online church and the church management software you should use for your church.

What Is Church Management Software?

Church management software is software designed specifically for churches to help them track attendance and manage their finances. It is also a great way to enroll new members and set up big events that everyone in the congregation will enjoy.

It is meant to help save your church time by increasing organization and efficiency. It is also meant to make the lives of the church employees easier by streamlining the church accounting processes. If you’re looking to get church management software for your church, here are the things to look for and consider.

Membership Management

It is important if you’re a growing church that you’re able to manage all of your membership data. This means managing data like names, addresses, as well as the contact information of your church members. It is also important for good church management software to track demographics like birth dates, marital statuses, and baptisms.

This not only lets you know how many members you have in your church but also captures each member’s visitation history. You’ll also want a church management system that integrates seamlessly with the other programs your church uses. This makes life easy for your congregation and your church staff.

Another important aspect to consider is the security of your membership data and information. The best online church will invest in church software that is encrypted and secure to prevent hackers from stealing the information of your members.

Event Registration

Most churches have big events that they’ll host throughout the year. Rather than having members sign up manually and in person, church software will allow for registration online. This keeps things more organized and orderly. It will also help you get updates to your members instantaneously rather than sending something through traditional mail.

If the event requires payment, the church management software will also help you keep track of who has paid for the event and who still needs to. From there, the software will let you print detailed reports with all of the information your staff needs in regards to the event.


Another big part of running a successful church is tracking the contributions made by the members of your church. Church financial software goes a long way towards tracking your church’s financial information so that you’re using your money efficiently.

It also prevents the loss of funds that sometimes occurs with the disorganization of not using church management software. You’ll be able to generate a weekly report showing all of the contributions you’ve received and information about who contributed them.

Benefits of Church Software

There are a number of benefits that you and your staff will experience as a result of investing in church management software. It will make your job and your life easier and provide a better church experience to the members of your congregation.

User-Friendly Interface

One thing that is very important for the best online church is to have a user-friendly interface. There is a good chance that a portion of your congregation isn’t tech-savvy. This means that you’ll want an interface that is easy to learn and use so everyone gets to enjoy its benefits.

A good interface will save time for your staff and your church members and allow them to check in and register for events in a quick and easy fashion.

Accurate Church Statistics

You’ll also have access to live reports of your church’s financials and attendance numbers. This is invaluable for running the best online church. Without having church management statistics it would be almost impossible to have accurate statistics about your church.

The statistics you’ll receive from these reports will help you eliminate guesswork when it comes to helping your community. It’ll help with reaching out to your church members. For more information visit

Check-In Management

If you’re worried about the safety and care of your children then you’ll want to invest in church management software. It provides check-in management. It guarantees accountability for parents and guardians of children that are members of your church for when those children are entrusted to the church for an event.

Contribution Management

A big part of running a successful church is managing the contributions that your members make. Being able to accurately tally the number and amount of contributions you get during each week and each service will help you to manage your finances.

You’ll be able to keep track of each contribution when it comes in and add it to the total. Best of all, you’ll have reports that keep you up to date on all of your church’s financial information.

Event Management

Another important part of running a fun and successful church is hosting fun events that go off without a hitch. Good church software will help you to run these events. It will help you register the people that are attending the event. You’ll also keep the different components of the event coordinated so that things are smooth.

The biggest part of managing an event is to keep track of the number of visitors. You’ll also want to have smooth communication between your staff and the visitors of the event.

Start Running the Best Online Church Today

In order to run the best online church, you need to invest in great church management software. It is up to you to determine which software is the best option for your church. This is dependent on factors like the size of your church and the areas your church needs help in.

Most church software comes with built-in church accounting software. This helps with the financial side of running your church. Church management software is great for communicating with your members. It helps with tracking the church’s financial information.

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