Best Online Collaboration Tools for UX Designers in 2022

An open communication line is a key necessity for a well-tuned team. When a team relies on one tool for messaging and another for file sharing, there are more chances for error. 

It’s paramount to perfect the chain of information dissemination when working in a team. Your online collaboration tool should be easy to use and facilitate productivity. When a team is dealing with many deliverables, then the tool should also be able to handle file sharing. 

Want to know about some of the best online collaboration tools that UX designers are using? Read on to become a more productive team. 

6 Best UX Tools to Use in 2022

1. Asana

Asana is an easy way to manage and organize all of your projects, no matter big or small.

Top Features:

  • Workflow Builder: 

This is a visual tool that tells teammates what the next step is. You can input your project details and create a plan to complete the project. The builder helps avoid any bottleneck in your project. 

  • Goals:

You can set individual goals and track your progress on them. This will help you decide what to prioritize at work. 

  • App Integrations: 

Asana lets you integrate apps like Google Drive, Slack, and Zoom into its platform. Since you will all be in one place, you’re less likely to lose information. 

Why Should UI, UX Designers Use It

Tracking the progress of the entire team is imperative for the project manager. Asana also has a creative center that’s especially handy for UX designers. You can brainstorm, plan, and monitor progress from one window. 

2. ConceptBoard

This is a collaborative whiteboard that’s perfect for a creative team. This tool has been designed specifically for remote teams. So you can hire UI UX designers remotely without fear of disorganization. 

Top Features

  • Board Creation:

Planning a creative project always starts at the drawing board. This digital drawing board works perfectly for remote design teams. You can zero in on important details to make sure the team is on the same page. 

  • Collaborative Notes: 

Everyone on the team can add their comments and notes on the project. All the participants can also make edits on the board. So it gives room for everyone to pitch their ideas. 

  • Board Sharing: 

You don’t need a ConceptBoard account to share your board. You can share it with anyone via a password-protected link. This ensures that you can share ideas with clients who can then add their comments on the board. 

Why Should UI, UX Designers Use It

Visual planning is the first step in designing a User Interface. ConceptBoard is an easy-to-use tool for designers to plan their projects. You can see the board history so monitor all the changes. 

The tool also integrates with Dropbox and MS Teams. So a UX team can add various types of data to aid their planning. 


This is a tool meant to manage tasks, track progress, and collaborate and projects. You can automate repetitive task creation which helps eliminate human error. 

Tip Features

  • Create Collaborative Documents

Monday has a document tool. You can add teammates who can co-edit in real-time. You can drag and drop the text boxes. So your edits won’t disrupt the workflow of others. 

  • Team-Specific Solutions

Monday has separate solutions for different teams. This includes – Marketing and Creative, Sales and CRM, HR, and more. Each solution is loaded with features specific to that team. This makes navigating the app a breeze. 

  • Data Tools and Kanban Boards lets you centralize any project. So the project head can get a full overview of the project. This helps hasten the decision-making process.

Why Should UI, UX Designers Use It is the perfect way to harmonize a disorganized team. It works for specific teams, like the UX team. But it also facilitates cross-company communication. 

4. Whimsical

This is the best brainstorming collaboration tool. It gives users 5 formats to plan their work and execute it. These are Docs, Flowcharts, Wireframes, Mindmaps, and Projects. 

Top Features

  • Real-Time Collaboration

Multiple participants can be added to a project. Everyone can edit and make comments at the same time. Since this tool facilitates instant communication, there won’t be any lags in delivering the content. 

  • Wireframes Tool

This tool is meant to help you design websites and apps. The tool can help you position elements on a page and customize widgets and buttons. This feature is especially useful for UI developers. You can design wireframes for many screen sizes and collaborate on the designs. 

  • Organized Communication

The mindmaps tool helps structure information within a team. You can add icons to your maps to help make communication clearer. This feature helps when it’s time to structure a website and decide its flow. 

Why Should UI, UX Designers Use It

Whimsical is a tool that helps you organize your work. You can also manage projects and complete the ideation stage on this platform. 

  1. Chanty

Chanty is a collaboration tool that mainly focuses on team messaging. You can make video calls and create chat rooms to communicate with your team. 

Top Features

  • Multi-media Sharing 

Chanty is one of the few collaboration tools where you can send media. You can send pictures, gifs, and other types of files with this tool. 

  • Manage Projects 

You can create rooms to track the progress of projects. Add participants to the room to keep them in the loop. You can also pin important messages within the room. 

  • Kanban Board

You can manage your tasks in the form of a Kanban board. This will give your teammates all of the information they need for their tasks. You can also monitor progress within the team. 

Why Should UI, UX Designers Use It

UX designers can communicate with their clients easily with Chanty. You don’t need a Chanty profile to use the tool. So it’s easy to add various participants to a Chanty messaging room. 

6. Figma

Figma is a tool where you can brainstorm and design your projects. It lets you start from the wireframe and even make a working prototype on the platform. That’s why it’s one of the most preferred by UX designers. 

Top Features

  • Design for Web 

Figma has a range of tools to make your webpage look good. You can add and edit shapes with the pen tool. So you won’t have to download separate tools to design your page. There is also an Auto Layout that will responsively design your page. 

  • Prototype Your Designs 

You can create prototypes that look like the final product. This will help the client visualize the idea better. You can also share the prototype. And people can add comments to your page. 

  • Easy Coding 

You can reuse the components unlimitedly. This quickens the coding time for the entire project. 

Why Should UI, UX Designers Use It

This tool helps UI designers collaborate creatively. They can design and execute the wireframe into a completed prototype with this one tool.  

All of these collaboration tools for UX designers are helpful in their own right. Discuss with your team what they need to facilitate productivity. 

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