Best Places to Hunt for Whitetail Deers in Texas

Best Places to Hunt for Whitetail Deers in Texas

Texas is one of the best places to hunt for whitetail deer, and with vast expanses of open plains that are open for the public, it becomes perfect for enjoying the overall experience of hunting. In addition, there are many areas that are managed by the wildlife management authorities of Texas, making it perfect for hunting down whitetail deers.

With so many places to hunt for these deers, finding the perfect spot for hunting becomes very challenging. However, one must take note of the deer hunting seasons that might vary from region to region. Nonetheless, here are some of the best places to go for whitetail deer hunting in the state of Texas.

  • Southern Texas: Southern Texas secures the third rank when it comes to the concentration of deer population. Mostly semi-arid lands filled with thorny bushes and cactus, South Texas is undoubtedly one of the best places to hunt for whitetail deers. Hunters must pay a certain amount of fees for hunting in the region, and hunting can only be done on high fence ranches. The management offers numerous affordable hunting packages. Many larger ranches in the region are usually leased out to big corporations for the sake of client or employee amusement.
  • The Texas Hill Country: This is one of the best places in Texas for hunting whitetail deers, and there is no other place that draws more crowds than this area. While the number of big bucks might be dwindling here, the deer population is quite good compared to other regions. The best thing about the Texas Hill Country is that there are no closed seasons meaning that anyone can enjoy good offseason hunting in the area. Animals such as blackbuck, sika, axis, aoudad, fallow and more can be found in the region.
  • Piney Woods: Situated in the East Texas region and spread across fifteen million acres approximately, the Piney Woods are a densely wooded region where the deers have more than enough places to hide. But that does not mean that one cannot be successful; instead, it means that the hunt becomes more fun and interesting. The deers found in the region are smaller as compared to the deers found in the southern region. The best thing to do in Piney Woods is to lease a private property and enjoy the overall hunting experience.
  • Squaw Mountain Ranch: Located in Jack County and merely two hours away from Dallas, the Squaw Mountain Ranch is another top-ranking place for hunting whitetail deers. The unique terrain of the region can challenge even the most well-experienced whitetail deer hunters. The management of the ranch has developed a very reputation for catering individually to every hunter. Further, one can enjoy a fair chase, and when the hunt is successful, the ranch provides the hunter with a magnificent trophy.

Final Thoughts

All in all, wherever one chooses to hunt a whitetail deer in Texas, it is better to pack for a trip that might last three to four days. Hope that this insight helps you make a better and informed decision while choosing the ideal location for hunting the deers and have an amazing experience at the same time.


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