Best Places to Surf in Australia

Best Places to Surf in Australia

When it comes to surfing, people all over the world are jealous of Australians and their access to supreme surfing locations. With world-class waves, stunning beaches, and iconic locations, it’s the envy of non-Australian surfers. However, this doesn’t mean that all Australian surfers have even enjoyed the best on offer in the country. With this in mind, here are some places to add to the bucket list whether you’re in the country or elsewhere in the world.

Lennox Point (Lennox Head)

Ask anybody who has visited Lennox Point and they will tell you that this surf spot is a must-see. With a rocky jump off as the entry and exit, this is one for experienced surfers. Over the years, the right-handers have been compared to South Africa’s J’Bay – one of the most iconic surfing spots on the planet.

What can you expect from Lennox Point? For one thing, you should expect long, hollow barrels. If you aren’t careful and don’t understand your limits, you may struggle with Lennox Point so sit further down the point as you build confidence.

The Pass (Byron Bay)

If you don’t have too much surfing experience, this is normally the best place to start. Some of the world’s best surfers come to The Pass to test their skills and legendary names such as Bob McTavish and Crystal Voyager have taken to the water. Although point-break novices have everything they need, there’s also enough to keep experienced surfers excited with fast drops.

When planning a trip to The Pass, visit between April and September and hope for south-east winds for the best experience. The best thing about The Pass is that it caters to all experience levels.

Bells Beach (Torquay)

It doesn’t get much more iconic than Bells Beach, and it’s the consistency that most surfers enjoy. The water is exposed to the Southern Ocean, and this brings waves up to 18 feet full of power. If you like carving steep walls, there aren’t too many better locations around the country. Of all the names on this list, this is the one likely to have the most locals so show surfing etiquette and always wait your turn.

If you are to travel to Victoria for this surf, remember your wetsuit because the water isn’t quite as warm as the other suggestions on this list. While you’re buying a wetsuit, be sure to grab some board shorts and flip-flops for your day at the beach. You can score cool beachwear at your local shop, or online. Something like Alpine Beach is an online surf shop you can check out for surf gear and clothing.

Noosa (Sunshine Coast)

Next up, watch a ‘60s surf video and you’re likely to see Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. Though other locations now compete with Noosa, it’s still one of the best places to surf in Australia. For beginners, in particular, this is almost heaven because of the simple waves and various break options. It’s almost like choosing your custom surf and then getting out into the water.

For experienced surfers, you might not find too many challenges but what many do find at Noosa is something that often goes missing – fun. After years of surfing, you may struggle to see the fun and this is where even professionals come back to rediscover the sense of enjoyment and adventure in surfing.

Kirra (Gold Coast)

You might find Kirra to be busier than most, but the reason is because of the world-class sand-bottom right-hander point break. With lots of power, Kirra is like something you’ll see on TV and the nature of the surf is always evolving from moment to moment. If you get your timing right, you could enjoy an experience that you haven’t found elsewhere.

Other places include:

  • Aussie Pipe (Jervis Bay)
  • Main Break (Margaret River)
  • Snapper Rocks (Coolangatta)

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