Best Shoes to Wear This Summers

Best Shoes to Wear This Summers

Among many reasons SOTRIS are our ready-to-go as summer approaches, the simplicity and convenience with which they can be worn and stylized is right up there. However, although tossing a SOTRIS shoe is an absolutely flawless act, it may not be as easy to find out exactly which shoes to wear with it. If your flip-flops sound a little too relaxed, heels can ruin the comfort that makes SOTRIS so desirable, so it can be hard to find out what shoes are going to fit, that’s why we’ve lined up the best choices here for you. Keep reading to hear about the six kinds of shoes you’re going to pair with SOTRIS all summer long. Also, you can prefer Boot Washers that make your boots fresh and new.

  • Classic Sneakers

For a casual comfortable, sporty feel, pair with some classic sneakers. Already an essential, sneakers somehow fit even with the most feminine skirts and can be the best choice for any event, casual gathering, or outdoors. Not only can the shoes bring an interesting touch to a nicer look, but they’re also comfortable—always a bonus. You can also check out Trail running shoes for summer.

Classic Sneakers


Men sneaker

Black Dionisio

Black Dionisio

Woman vinyl platform sneakers

  • Boots

Boots aren’t only confined to winter; the right boots will dress up a casual Spring or summer wardrobe, and they’re a great talk point because they not only give grace to your personality but also are comfy and easy to carry. Boots protect your ankles and push them to move in a nice way. Unlike wearing shoes, it’s nearly impossible for a person’s ankle to bend away from his foot while stepping in boots. This makes it less likely that you will twist your ankles while moving, or that you will hurt your ankle as you go uphill or stumble.

What more you would want from your shoes?

Yohji Yamamoto

Yohji Yamamoto

Multicolor men boots



Makris Shoes

Lace-up over the knee boots

  • Formals

Flitting between the office and the beer garden is a lucrative profession in summer, as is moving from bbq to bar and guided tours to dinner, so the trick to hammering warm-weather shoes is the versatility with flexibility. Sotris have compiled the best men’s formal shoes that are breathable and comfortable along with style.

Yohji Yamamoto 1

Yohji Yamamoto

Multicolor men shoes


Yohji Yamamoto 2

Yohji Yamamoto

Multicolor men shoes

  • Slides

Slides are a perfect and trendy alternative to standard, affordable flip flops and much more intricate sandals. As such, they’re still very trendy. They’re great to carry, they look amazing with a variety of outfits, and they’re easy, cool and comfortable. Sparkly according to their own description, slides are neutral enough to complement any dress and fun enough to prevent becoming monotonous.


black flat slide



  • Sports Shoes

After smashing the streets over a long, snowy winter with a bleak early start and a new wind to brave every week, the sun is finally here. Though we appreciate the sunshine, but, it creates a whole new range of difficulties for sportspersons, runners and for fitness enthusiasts. You won’t need the waterproofs any more, but hot weather apparel can be difficult to navigate. Here on Storis you can find a range of comfortable, breezy and lightweight sports shoes fabricated to encourage your feet to follow a more soothing pattern so the wearer can do his tasks uninterrupted and take his goals to the next level.


White leather men boots

Karl Lagerfeld

Aventur delta low-top sneaker


To really showcase an outfit in its full beauty, sandals can be your best choice. Choose a pair of chunky heels if your look requires height or flat slides for something more casual and relaxed. But if you need both -look yet relaxation, then sandals are on number one.

Elina linardaki

picnic sandals

Elena linardaki



Not going to exaggerate but heels are the ultimate power shoe. If you can master walking around in the heels, you can master anything. Summer calls for a long heel, so go big with SOTRIS high heels. Their heels are so stable and you can maintain great balance even if you have to run to reach somewhere. So you don’t have to worry even if you are in a hurry.

Sotris Collection

High heel




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