Best WalkMe Alternatives for Implementing Successful Digital Adoption

Best WalkMe Alternatives

Once you have been convinced and are ready to take the plunge to ensure robust organisation-wide Digital Adoption, you stare at the next piece of this puzzle. Which tools and software should I use to implement successful digital adoption? Should I go with WalkMe or try some of the other amazing Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP) in the market.

With lots of features and trade-offs it might be difficult to come up with the optimum decision suited for your company. We break down all the major Digital Adoption Platforms to help you choose better. Here is our deep dive into the top WalkMe alternatives.

WalkMe alternatives actually come in two broad variants. You could either choose a hosted solution or opt in for one of the open-source ones. Hosted solutions are easy to use and complete packages. Open-source solutions are cheap and feature rich, but may require you to code a little bit.

The top tools that are good WalkMe alternatives include:

1.    Whatfix:

Whatfix is the best WalkMe alternative as per our assessment out there. It is an amazing tool that packs in a host of advanced features. You can integrate Whatfix easily with any application and quickly skill up your team with its advanced guided tours and self-help content.

The best part is that Whatfix dishes out the training material specific to a user’s role and the point at which he currently is in his learning path.

Whatfix outperforms WalkMe across most metrics as a DAP. Whatfix also enjoys a higher rating than WalkMe on most software review sites.

Here are few advantages of choosing Whatfix over WalkMe.

  • You can create guided tours in both these tools, but Whatfix lets you even create rich form content like videos and slideshows easily.
  • While you can upload your own deep and information articles in WalkMe also, Whatfix serves that content to your learners in an effective contextual manner. Having loads of content is one thing, but we know discoverability is a much more important factor is successful content consumption. Whatfix thus produces much better learning and training outcomes.
  • You can integrate analytics into WalkMe but you will have to do through a separate setup. Whatfix has advanced analytics built-in and you can derive key insights about learners right away.
  • Both these tools integrate with LMS tools. However, Whatfix is SCORM compliant for better performance.
  • You can integrate both these tools with other major platforms like Salesforce. However, Whatfix is does so much more effectively that takes you straight to the third-party platform with a single button click.

Whatfix is a powerful tool and you must seriously consider it while choosing a DAP for your business. Also, it lets you enjoy all this advanced functionality without needing you to code at all.

2.    Pendo

Pendo is also a good DAP option, but this tool is not general purpose like Whatfix or WalkMe. Pendo is more geared toward customer facing interactions and not so much for employee learning.

Here is how Pendo stacks up against WalkMe.

  • Pendo lets you collect customer feedback by creating custom surveys, just like WalkMe. With Pendo, you can also directly send messages to customers from within the application itself.
  • Pendo is slightly limited in its choices for creating educational content. You can product tours and guides in it. WalkMe though lets you also create rich walk-throughs and information heavy content.
  • WalkMe lets you attract users to new features by sending our ShoutOuts. Pendo, on the other hand comes with a product roadmap feature to keep everyone aware about all the new developments with one comprehensive overview.

3.    Appcues

Appcues is again more suitable for customer on-boarding than for employee skilling.

  • Appcues integrates with your better than WalkMe. With Appcues, you will almost feel like it is one of the native modules of the host application.
  • Appcues does not have an in-built analytics tool of its own, but lets you seamlessly migrate your data to any third-party tool with analytics functionality.
  • Appcues lets you create customer segments and dish out tailor made content to them. This feature is similar to the one in WalkMe.

4.    Userlane

Userlane can be used for both customer onboarding and employee training.

  • Userlane lets you create guided tours and surveys just like WalkMe. Additionally, you can send messages directly through the app.
  • Userlane is one of the easiest solutions to use on this list. WalkMe might need some technical finesse to use properly, especially the advanced features.
  • Userlane also has a good analytic feature to let you derive key insights.

A good DAP can train your employees fast in your new technology. It can also speed up customer onboarding as they quickly get familiar with the new interface and functionality. Whatfix is a great DAP that you can use to improve efficiency and workflows in your organisation.

Written by Crystal Rae

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