Best ways to cure diabetes in just 30 days

Best ways to cure diabetes in just 30 days

Diabetes has become a common word in Indian families. The majority of the older generation is diabetic and now even the younger generation is also found to be diabetic. All thanks to the sedentary lifestyle and junk food, people in their 20s are now diagnosed with diabetes. The worst part of diabetes is not leaving your favorite sweets but depending on the medication. The condition slowly starts affecting all the other organs and makes a person weaker by the day. You will not only have to cut on your favorite sweets but also the comfort foods.

Is diabetes curable?

Unfortunately, more than a disease, diabetes is a condition that is going to stay with you for the rest of your life. It cannot be cured completely. However, you can control the condition and stop it from controlling you. Therefore, if someone comes and offers you medicines or treatments claiming that they can cure you, do not fall into the trap.

How to cure diabetes in 30 days?

Repeating the same, we would say you can never cure diabetes. However, as soon as you are diagnosed with diabetes, you can start taking certain measures that can help you to control the condition. There is a surgical method that perhaps provides the best chance of combatting diabetes. CCS Gastric Sleeve Newcastle treatment is a great way of managing your weight with surgery. Let us check out some of the other non-surgical methods below.

Go for a morning walk

Once you know you are diabetic, there are no more late nights that you can indulge in. You need to retire to your bed early and wake up early. Once you wake up, drink a glass of water and maybe eat 2-3 almonds and go for a morning walk. Walking is one of the best treatments for any diabetes patient. Therefore, make it a regular practice without fail. Also, do not go for walks empty stomach, especially when you have this condition.

No to processed meats

Processed meats are not good for anyone. And once you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you just need to strike this off from your diet plan. Make sure no processed meats enter your refrigerator. However, you can opt for fatty fish and eggs. These are good sources of proteins and you must add these to your diet plan.

Pay attention to breakfast

Breakfast is the first food of the day that you are having and it has to be very good. You need to be sure about the things you are putting inside your body. Therefore, you can have eggs for your breakfast. If you have been eating cereals all this while, just wipe off the name from the list of breakfast items. If you are a vegetarian, you can add options such as flax seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, whole fruits, and Greek yogurt.

Choose grains wisely

Bid adieu to the refined grains such as white bread, rice, pasta, and white flour. Eating these results in a glucose spike in the body. Therefore, you can choose whole-grain options.

No sugar

You must keep a good distance from sugar and anything that contains sugar. Therefore, no chocolates, candies, Indian sweets, fizzy drinks, etc. Before you consume anything packed, you must check the labeling. You can rather choose options like black coffee, tea without sugar, greek yogurt, chilled avocado, and many more.

No deep-fried food items

Diabetes patients should consciously avoid deep-fried food items. No matter whether it is your favorite or not, you must say no every time someone offers you something deep-friend.

You can try doing all these for 30-days and see the difference in your sugar level. Also, make sure you are active all through the day. This will make things easier for you. Now wait no more and get started with implementing these tips in your life.

Written by Enaa Mari

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