Best websites to play quizzes online

Best websites to play quizzes online

Nowadays most people spent a lot of time on their mobile phones. There are tons of websites offering different types of quizzes. Some websites provide fun personality quizzes, whereas you can test your knowledge of various topics on some other websites. There are so many people who find it entertaining to answer fun personality quizzes. Quizzes can improve your confidence and help you concentrate.  In this article, we have discussed the best websites available to play quizzes. A few of the sites are:

A few of the sites that allow you to answer fun questions to tell you interesting facts about your personality include:

● Fun Personality Quizzes

  • BuzzFeed
  • The Muse
  • Pure Wow
  • 365 Tests
  • 16 Personalities

These sites can tell you a wide range of characteristics about you, from your leadership skills to your strengths and weaknesses. They can use your answers to various questions to tell you about your potential jobs or even your potential soulmate. The results depend on how honestly you answer the questions. More light-hearted quizzes would tell you about the kind of bread, fairy, or nut you are or the planet you could fit in, the color of your aura, etc. these quizzes are a perfect solution for boredom, lack of motivation, or just curiosity.

Some of the other websites where you can test your knowledge on subjects and attend trivia quizzes are:

Mental Floss

Mental Floss offers questions to test your knowledge on movies, television, geography, general knowledge, and many more. They also share interesting facts on health, books, entertainment, food, etc.


This site offers fun personality quizzes and trivia questions on celebrities, television, movies, music, and many more.


Sporcle allows you to answer questions on a wide variety of topics such as literature, television, science, etc. They have quizzes for kids as well.

Brain Fall

This website allows you to answer questions on lifestyle, food, movies, television, music, love, and relationships.

To Conclude

We have now reached the end of the article; all the websites mentioned above are among the best websites to play quizzes online for free. On some of the websites, you can play with your friends. These quizzes are a perfect way to get your mood up on days that you are feeling low. You can share these quizzes and their results with your friends to make it more fun. These quizzes tell you that there is a lot of people with whom you can relate to. These quizzes can keep you occupied and keep you happy. Most of these websites do not share your quiz results with anyone without your permission, so you don’t have to worry about privacy. You can enjoy these quizzes anytime during the day.


Written by Addison Taylor

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