Best Windows File Recovery Software: iTop Data Recovery Review

If you have ever deleted an important file by accident, you will know the frustration and anxiety that comes with it. Thankfully, because our hard disks are made in a certain way, any permanently deleted files (Shift + Delete) may still be recovered. However, you can not do this manually as this is a complex process, and you will need advanced File Recovery Software to help you out.

Several excellent options are available on the market, each with its own pros and cons. One such advanced file recovery software currently leading the pack is iTop Data Recovery. It is a windows based software that promises to restore your old deleted files in a matter of minutes. But how well does it really perform? Let’s find out in our quick review.

Pros and Cons of the iTop File Recovery Software

Pros of iTop Data Recovery

High recovery rate (95%+)

Data recovery software never has a 100% success rate. Most industry-leading File Recovery Softwares have a recovery rate of around 75% to 80%. While this is considered decent, iTop Data Recovery revolutionizes this with over a 95% data recovery rate. So if you tried data recovery software but failed to get back your deleted data, we recommend giving iTop a try.

Extremely easy to use

With a clean UI (User Interface) and modern design, iTop makes it extremely easy and intuitive to get started. With one click, you can start scanning and have a preview of all the files that can be recovered. All files are well organized, and you can quickly sort out your desired files in seconds. You have to give iTop file recovery a try to understand how well it presents itself to the users.

Affordable pricing

Most file recovery software uses a subscription-based pricing model and starts at $50 – $70 / month, with an annual license going upwards of $250/year. The problem with the subscription-based model is that you never have ownership of the software and are forced to continue paying forever for the service. However, iTop file recovery offers both a monthly subscription starting at $27/ month as well as a lifetime plan for just $199 ( which is now discounted to just $39.99 for a limited time offer). So, when it comes to affordability and the best value for money option, it is hard to beat iTop Data Recovery.

Previews the Files before Recovering them

After recovering a file, iTop Data Recovery gives customers a visual glimpse making it easier to sort files. It can also recover data from standard storage media, including USB, SD Card, and HDD, with support of over 1000 file types.

Cons of iTop Data Recovery

Not available on mac

The biggest complaint that iTop currently has is its inability to work on MacBooks. Mac users have long been craving to use iTop on their computers, and it looks like they have to continue the wait for a bit longer.

Cybersecurity issues can not be solved.

If you were hacked or infected by a virus which deleted your precious files, iTop might not be able to recover it back. This is due to the technical limitation of all file recovery software, and iTop is not immune to this.


iTop Data Recovery is an excellent tool that can help you restore your accidentally deleted files. The software has a clean, modern look, and anyone with no prior knowledge of using a data recovery software can easily get stared. However, iTop has its limitations of not being able to recover deleted files from cyberattacks, which is valid for all data recovery software and currently, it is not available for Apple’s ecosystem. So if you are on a windows device and need a reliable data recovery tool, iTop is your best solution.

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