Birthday Parties Venue

Birthday Parties Venue

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are special events or parts whereby you celebrate the anniversary of your birth. It can also include the birth of an institution. Birthdays of peoples are celebrated in numerous cultures, often birthday cards, birthday gifts, a birthday party or a rite of passage. In religion, a birth celebration is done to religious figures or founders with special holidays such as Christmas, Mawlid, and more.

Where Do You Host Birthday Party In Timezone?

Could you be on the pursuit for a unique place for a birthday party? It is not always a walk in the park to look for perfect event space rentals while coming up with fun ideas to keep your kid and friends entertained throughout the party.

Cut that search for “unique birthday event venues near me” and have a birthday bash at an arcade in our Timezone Singapore venues. Time Zone is the ideal place for corporate events as well. There are many attractions, arcade game machines, and bowling alleys to help, minus the hassle of planning activities with something in store for everyone.

Timezone Causeway Point

Timezone Causeway point fun party events is the ultimate spot for family-friendly and team-building activities. It is a unique space in the woodlands where you can let your inner dance machine run wild as Korean pop songs blast in the background sound.

In addition, this place, causeway point, is an expert at turning a stressed adult button into childlike joy buttons in just a few steps. The fun never ends.

Put Your Gaming Skills to the Test

Timezone causeway point fun party events are jam-packed with fantastic arcade games for the young at heart, accompanied by the best deals and exciting themes from dance to horror you could not possibly find in any other place.

Do you need a little time to unwind? Or need to race your best friend? Timezone causeway point fun party events will never disappoint. Here you expect colleagues, friends, and family to get their game face on as they challenge it out at a car driving game, make NBA ‘history’ as they shoot hoops at Basketball, test their strength at claw machines, or even channel their inner Bruce Lee at boxing machines.

These virtual reality games at causeway point for party events will help you catch a break from reality and head out to space. Besides, the games entertain with dynamic stimulation technology that excites VR enthusiasts and newbies of all ages.


Timezone Causeway point is an ideal place to let your crew play to their heart’s content. Besides corporate events and birthday parties, causeway point is the place to be with classic favorites that will convey you back to your youth days. Get to enjoy all experiences using limited period promotions and arcade deals like Superboost, Ultraboost, or Hyperboost. The unbeatable game promotions at Causeway point fun party events will never miss the mark- they surely do make an impression. With lots of gift cards that make a good treat for a birthday event. Experiences here are intense. What are you then waiting for? Come over and make your day!

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