Bitcoin Poker Terms Every Gambler Should Know

Bitcoin Poker Terms Every Gambler Should Know

Poker tops the rankings of the most prevalent and recognized games worldwide. People play it in the fancy casinos and in the close circle of the best pals. The rise of online gambling marked the Poker breakthrough. The game has flourished with multiple variations and new formats. The latest trend among players is the online Bitcoin Poker. We have shortlisted the must-to-know online Poker terms that will help you master this thrilling game like a pro.

Most Popular Online Bitcoin Poker Games

The number of Poker variations grows by leaps and bounds. If you want to boost your gaming proficiency to the next level, try online Bitcoin Poker. Play with the world’s most trusted cryptocurrency Bitcoin to make grandiose wins in crypto casinos. We will uncover the most trending Bitcoin Poker games next.

Texas Hold’em

It is one of the oldest Poker versions that date back to the eighteenth century. Texas Hold’em is the No.1 game in the most prestigious international Poker tournaments, including WPT. Online BTC casino players adore Texas Hold’em for excellent odds.


This Bitcoin Poker version is rather similar to the previous one, Texas Hold’em. The difference is that a croupier deals four cards to each player instead of two. Omaha has become so beloved by players that it further split into several subtypes: Big O and 6-O.

Seven-Card Stud

As you probably figure out from the game name, Seven-card Stud belongs to the Stud Poker category. Players receive seven cards on hand. Seven-card Stud has many twists making it a brilliant game for everyone who likes brain-teasing entertainment.

High/Low Chicago

We decided to combine these two types of online Bitcoin Poker in one group. High and Low Chicago games have very similar gameplay. The primary distinction is that two players will share the pot in the Low Chicago version.

Five-Card Draw

It is the best option both for beginners and experienced Poker gurus. The game name says for itself. The player’s goal is to form the strongest five-card hand and outrun the table opponents. You can find the Five-card Draw in every online venue with Poker in the lobby.

Online Bitcoin Poker vs. Traditional Game

Online Bitcoin Poker is the top choice of casino lovers. Thus, we want to make sure you know how the game differs from classic Poker. It’s all about the payment method. You gamble, win, and cash out your winnings in cryptocurrency. In other words, Bitcoin Poker covers all online Poker game versions available for betting in BTC. In the traditional game, you can use only fiat coins.

So, why play crypto Poker online? Here are all the merits:

  • secure and anonymous Poker gambling pastime;
  • super fast payout speed;
  • minor house edge;
  • no commission on winnings;
  • Provably Fair gameplay;
  • Bitcoin bonuses.

Must-to-Know Online Poker Terms

Now, when we shed light on Bitcoin Poker game versions and peculiarities, it’s time to get some action. We have collected all fundamental online Poker terms that every pro player should learn by hard.

  • Ante – an opening stake that all players make to contribute to the pot.
  • All-In – putting all chips on a stake.
  • Big Bet – a super bet that is double times higher than a fixed limit.
  • Big Blind – a mandatory stake for the second-seat player (in the game versions without an ante).
  • Blocker – a card that doesn’t let the opponent form a better hand than yours.
  • Float – increasing a bet with a low-value hand to trick the opponents.
  • Flush – relates to the five-card hand of the same suit.
  • Full House – one of the strongest hands that consist of a triple of one rank and a pair.
  • Hijack – the position at the Poker table that means two rightmost seats from the dealer button.
  • Kicker – a side card used to cut the tie between two winning hands of the same rank.
  • Overbet – to make a bet that exceeds the value of the entire pot.
  • Royal Flush – a combination from ten to Ace of the same suit.
  • Straight – a hand with five seniority cards.

Knowledge of the online Bitcoin Poker glossary is the first step to succeed in the game. Poker has its own language. If you learn to ‘speak’ this language, you have fantastic chances to become an online Poker guru.

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