Blushield EMF Protection in Australia for more energy

Blushield EMF Protection

The 21st century has brought a wave of technological advancements, innovations, and developments in every state, including Australia. While these technological advancements have been beneficial for everyone in general and have made life relatively easier, everything has adverse effects, and so do these. Human-made electromagnetic fields are produced and constantly surround you owing to the radiations from mobile phones, 3G, 4G, 5G, and smart meters. To protect yourself from the risk of these EMF radiations harming you, you can opt for BlueShield EMF protection devices or affordable every day EMF protection from Atmosure.

Why you need BlueShield EMF Protection?

EMF exposure is potentially harmful to your health in multiple ways, and the only protection you get from that is the blue shield tesla devices you will see in detail below. They have several benefits that will convince you to get your tesla BlueShield device as soon as possible.

The harmful effects of EMF radiation:

Here are some of the adverse effects EMF radiation exposure can have on you:

  • A feeling of tiredness and fatigue further leads to a lack of concentration and focus, reducing your work ethic.
  • Constant headaches further lead to dizziness and a disturbed sleep cycle.
  • Mood swings
  • Weight loss and a loss in appetite can lead to lower energy levels and a weaker, unproductive you.

The benefits of Blushield EMF Protection:

BlueShield, an active EMF protection technology, is specifically made to safeguard you from the human-made electromagnetic fields that are constantly surrounding you. Looking at the adverse effects of EMF radiation, you can figure out why you need BlueShield tesla emf protection.

  • The feelings of tiredness you might be experiencing because of the exposure to EMF radiations will be reduced when installing a tesla blue shield device in your home. Ultimately, your concentration and focus will be improved, leading to a more productive you. Your work results will get better, and you will see a significant difference in your work ethic.
  • As the EMF radiation reduces, your mood may improve along with increased emotional stability and a relaxing feeling.
  • Your sleep cycle gets better, and you will be able to have restful, peaceful sleep nights.
  • As mentioned, your energy levels will get better because of all the reduction in your fatigue and lack of concentration that you were experiencing because of EMF radiation exposure.

These benefits make the BlueShield tesla reviews the best out there.

All you need to know about the BlueShield models:

The blushield tesla emf protection devices come in three different kinds: Home units, Portable units, and Automobile units.

Home unit:

In the home units category, 5-tesla BlueShield devices are varying in their strength. In terms of power from highest to lowest are the Premium Ultra, Tesla Ultra, Premium Cube, Tesla Cube, and Tesla Plugin.

Each of these you can use while considering the amount and intensity of the phone and WiFi signals surrounding you, the electricity source in your home, the different digital appliances present in your home, the number of antennas in a 2-mile radius from your home. All of these affect the number of electromagnetic fields around you and affect the tesla blue shield device you buy.

Considering you have less than eight cell phone towers in a 2-mile radius from your home, you should opt for the BlueShield tesla gold plugin series. It is known to provide you with a protection radius of 45 meters around your home. For the best results, you should place it in the central room of your home.

If you have more than eight cell phone towers in a 2-mile radius from your home, you should go for the BlueShield tesla gold cube series. With a protection radius of 90 meters in all directions, the tesla cube series provides double protection with double strength to you.

You can choose two blue shield tesla cubes: The Tesla Gold Series Cube or the Premium cube. The significant difference between them is that the original Tesla gold cube is made from ABS plastic, whereas the Premium cube is made from carbon black alloy. Further, the Premium cube emits the same BlueShield waveform, and it has a microprocessor that emits Phi ratio patterns making it more advanced. This new feature leads to increased protection in contrast with an increase in electromagnetic field radiation in Australia.

The last two and most strong home units are the Tesla Ultra and Premium Ultra, which are best suitable for you if you live in an urban area with numerous cell phone towers in your 2-mile radius. The Ultra series is four times stronger than the Tesla Plugin and is hence suitable even if you have 80 towers surrounding you in your 2-mile radius.

Portable unit:

The portable units available to you are two kinds: the Tesla Gold Series Portable and the Premium Portable device. Both of the BlueShield tesla gold portable devices are driven by a battery, are incredibly lightweight, and have a compact size and shape, making them easy enough for you to carry around as protection devices.

The tesla gold series portable has a 30-day battery life, and you have to charge it using a USB cable. Its coverage is up to 3 meters in every direction. The battery strength is 300 mAh.

On the other hand, the premium portable has a 500 mAh battery and a battery life of 60 days, after which you need to charge it with a USB-C cable. Its coverage is also up to 5 meters, making it stronger.

Auto unit:

As you may have guessed, an auto unit is to be used in your cars and is best suitable if you are a frequent traveler. It can easily be plugged into the cigarette lighter of your vehicle and has a protection radius of 15 meters in every direction.

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