Bringing Hope To Those In Need


Children with disabilities and their families existing in Ukraine continually face separation, abandon and scarcity, particularly single mothers. Severe government budget constraints exacerbate the lack of assistance these people receive, with the result that most of them do not even have access to basic facilities and services, including education, health care, and jobs. Without a voice and without much recognition, these families are truly “the smallest.”

Our mission is to honor life with the love of Christ by serving children with special needs and pregnant women who make life-changing decisions as we influence society on their behalf. Hope Now has been operating in Ukraine since 1992. Our ministries of health care provide assistance to children and adults in need, as well as work in orphanages and with children brought by the authorities to a shelter to be rescued.

Through our comprehensive Model of Assistance, the Mission to Ukraine is working to reverse the isolation and deprivation these families face. We also advocate on their behalf to change the attitude of society towards their disabled. Love for a disabled child’s family through our various educational, nutritional, medical and therapeutic services restores dignity and hope replaces despair.

Summer Camps

Hope now summer Camp “Mission in Ukraine” is the main event of the year for more than 120 children with special needs and their families. During this eight-day nightly experience, our kids enjoy the out-of-town atmosphere with their parents. Staff and volunteers from ten local churches and other countries fill their days with activities including games, teaching, small groups, crafts, sports, music, drama, dance, and costumes. Each child is given personal attention.

Equally important, parents can rest and relax only once a year. They can also interact with other parents and study the Bible together. It is very important for these families to spend a week away from others who love their children for the first time. Summer Camps for Children and Widows give many poor and lonely people the opportunity to spend a week at Compass Park, often with the help of volunteers from the UK and other parts of the world. Our foster parents accept children and care for them along with their own, which gives them stability in a Christian home.


The Mission to Ukraine provides various educational services to people with disabilities and their families. Our services are one of the few of their kind in the Zhytomyr region. While this society has pushed these people into the background, we see the value and privilege of helping them learn and grow in their own abilities for a richer life.

Medical clinic

Mission at Ukrainian Medical Clinic provides extensive and professional medical services to families through our special needs program, mothers and babies through our maternity care program, and our own staff. We job with a broad range of volunteer doctors, counting therapist, pediatrician, dentist, ophthalmologist, neurologist, orthopedist and physiotherapist – all of them grasp appreciated positions in community clinics in Zhitomir. Our free quality medical care and medicines allow us to provide an additional level of care for our families.


Hope now and our nationally recognized model of care serves as a roadmap to ensure our services are delivered at the highest level. It brings all of our specialists together under one approach to deliver a complete and meaningful range of therapies and services tailored to the needs of each individual. Therapies in this model include: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, complementary and alternative communication, sensory therapy, speech therapy.


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