Build Your Collection: 10 Rare and Cool Challenge Coins

Build Your Collection

Are you looking for a cool new hobby to get into?

If you’re into military memorabilia, consider collecting challenge coins. While its popularity has gone down over the years, you can still find some nifty and unique pieces. Challenge coins were once a medallion or token used to help soldiers identify each other. Nowadays, selling collectibles like challenge coins and other rare memorabilia is very profitable.

Few high-ranking officers also present their soldiers with custom coins after a mission. Now, anyone can collect these army challenge coins. Check out free spins

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Hoping to start or build your current collection?

This article lists cool challenge coins to look out for. Whether you’re new to the game or are a veteran collector, you’re sure to enjoy these rare coins. Read on to discover ten of the coolest and rarest challenge coins out there.

1. Medal of Honor

If you’re a challenge coin collector, you may be familiar with the challenge coin game. When challenged, he who fails to produce a coin must buy a round of drinks for everyone at the table. However, if you have a Medal of Honor coin, you won’t ever have to drinks for everyone again.

Army and navy challenge coins have always been a symbol of a soldier’s rank and camaraderie. To receive a Medal of Honor is one of the greatest privileges in the military. Only the bravest soldiers and veterans may receive the Medal of Honor.

Those who do may even receive a customized challenge coin of their award. It’s a great honor to receive a handshake from a true American hero, but even more so to acquire a Medal of Honor coin.

2. Poker Chip Challenge Coin

If you’re looking for a lightweight and iconic coin with a fun design, look for the Poker Chip challenge coin. These coins are common and are almost like a right of passage if you’re from the Marine Corps School of Infantry. These poker chip coins often have space along the edge so you can engrave a custom message.

Many soldiers may engrave personal messages or quotes as a reminder of their unit. If you receive a poker chip coin from a Marine corpsman, know that you carry their story and unit with you.

3. Deep Sea Diver Coin

The Deep Sea Diver challenge coin is one of the rarest coins in the world. This challenge coin represents one of the highest levels of prestige. Few Army divers qualify to receive the Deep Sea Diver coin.

It’s safe to say that those who do are the most skilled in their unit and have notable diving achievements. This challenge coin holds the unique shape of a vintage aquanaut. You may even see a diver badge that would identify the original holder.

4. General Officer Coin

General is one of the highest and most notable rankings in the US army. Those who become General have been in the military for decades and have likely seen the worst of it. Because of their rank and paygrade, General Officer challenge coins have better quality.

Many other officers reward their soldiers with challenge coins. However, you’ll have to work a little harder to receive or find a General Officer challenge coin.

5. Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is another fun and unique challenge coin to look out for. The Friday the 13th challenge coin is unique to those in the US navy. Petty Officers must earn their rank and seat in the Chief Petty Officer mess hall.

Receiving the Friday the 13th challenge coin is a commemoration of their success. Why is it called the Friday the 13th challenge, you ask? Chief Petty Officers received this award on Friday, the 13th.

6. Trample the Weak

If you’re looking for cool challenge coins, look for the Trample the Weak coin. The Airborne Infantry unit has some of the hardest soldiers you’ll ever meet. Some may even claim that they are even more aggressive than the Army or Marine Corps.

Trample the Weak is a unique and rare coin given only to members of the 173rd Airborne Brigade. It comes in the shape of a skull and boasts a sleek black finish.

7. South Park

The South Park challenge coin is another great addition to your collection. It has a common design but serves a comical and almost iconic purpose. What makes these challenge coins rare is the story of their original holder.

Soldiers who receive this coin may engrave it to speak about their service. They use the coin to commemorate or remember their former duty stations. If you keep collecting this challenge coin variant, you may end up with coins from all over the world.

8. Aggressive POW-MIA

The Aggressive POW-MIA challenge coin may carry a heavier story than other coins. Its design consists of the flag of the National League of POW/MIA framed by barbed wire.

This challenge coin represents soldiers who were prisoners of war. If you see this challenge coin, you may notice a pair of crossed rifles. This is an appeal from prisoners who wish to be back in their home countries.

9. Ticket Challenge Coin

Many soldiers get invitations to events and concerts as thanks for their service. Some units decide to commemorate these events with challenge coins in the form of a ticket.

10. Presidential Challenge Coins

Presidential challenge coins are some of the rarest you’ll ever find. These coins exist to honor certain presidents and were even handed out by those figures. Presidential challenge coins are highly exclusive, and only a few exist in the world.

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Cool Challenge Coins for Your Collection

Whether you’re a beginner or a long-time collector, these coins are sure to make your collection a lot more interesting. You can even spice it up more with custom police challenge coins. If you do get a hand on these cool challenge coins, ensure to handle them with great care.

Thanks for reading our article! For more fun facts about challenge coins, check out our other blog posts.

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