How to Get a Business Mailing Address

The first 2 months of 2023 saw over 850,000 business applications filed. When setting up a business for the first time, you can’t overlook the basics.

Many savvy new owners prioritize getting a mailing address for business purposes. A simple business mailbox adds professionalism and credibility. It also protects privacy, especially for at home business setups.

The following guide will explain several ways to get a business mailing address. Read on to discover the business mailing solutions that work best for you.

What Is a Business Mailing Address?

If you’re starting a company, you’ll need to use a mailing address specifically for official business communications. The address can be a PO box address, a physical street address, or even a virtual business address online.

If you run your new business from your house, you can simply use your home address for business mail. In this case, you don’t have to do any extra steps to obtain a business address.

But for every other situation where you can’t use a home address, you need a business mailing address. With the address, you can receive business packages and mail and include it on business cards and other marketing.

The address also informs clients, customers, or partners of your company’s location. This adds a sense of transparency and reliability to your business.

Reserving a PO Box

Reserving a PO box is one of the easiest ways to set up a business address quickly. It’s a lockable box at the post office with a number on it that you pick up mail from. The box either comes with a street address or a PO box address to pass along to business contacts.

You must pay a fee at the post office to reserve a box and then they can assign it to your name or your business. They offer several different sizes to help accommodate different needs.

Note that you can pick up mail from the box whenever it’s convenient, so you don’t have to make a trip to the post office each day. The mail also gets delivered to PO boxes faster than home addresses, so you can pick up important items fast. 

Virtual Mailbox Registration

A virtual mailbox comes with a physical street address even though it’s a digital mailbox. Instead of a traditional mailbox, this box resides online.

Anything sent to the online mailbox gets scanned and digitized so that you can access the mail from a device connected to the internet. That can save you time and gas money when compared to making post office trips.

You can also forward mail and packages to anywhere you’d like from the address. Another perk of a virtual mailbox is that you can have checks sent to the address deposited automatically.

Renting a Business Mailbox

You can also rent a mailbox from a rental service provided by UPS. Their rentals are boxes that lock and come with an authentic street address. After you pay the first fee, you can claim a box at the most convenient UPS store location.

You can pick up mail and packages from UPS mailboxes any time of day and every day of the week. People who rent from UPS usually choose the option over a PO box because they prefer the authentic street address for their business.

Renting a Space for Co-working

Co-working spaces give small businesses a way to share a communal area with other small businesses. They typically include a mailbox setup and the option to use the address as a business address for the time you rent the space.

It’s a great option for startups on tight budgets that need a facility, tools, and services like mailing. Plus, it’s usually much cheaper than leasing out an entire office for your new company.

Buying or Renting a Business Address

Buying or renting an address for your business means leasing an office. As mentioned earlier, it’s much more expensive than co-working spaces.

However, it’s a more permanent solution if you have the money, and leaves more room to grow your business. If you go this route, you simply use the street address of your office building as the mailing address for your business.

Other Benefits of Business Addresses

On top of professionalism and credibility, having a business address also helps with organization. You don’t want important business documents to get mixed up with your personal mail or junk mail!

Using a service for your mailing address other than your home address also helps keep your mail secure. Many rental services take great security measures to protect your parcels from theft and damage.

You’ll need to plaster your business address on emails, websites, social media, and business cards. If you use your home address, you sacrifice a lot of privacy.

Today, online visibility is extremely crucial to the growth of new businesses. When you add a business address it helps boost your SEO rankings in search results so that potential customers can find your company. 

Setting Up Your Business Address

Remember this guide and consider all your options for getting a business mailing address. Factor in your current budget, how much mail you expect to receive, and the size of packages you expect to receive.

Setting up a business address is one of the first steps to legitimizing your company and priming it for growth. Don’t lose out on business because of an unprofessional home address or a lack of online presence!

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