Cannabis for Anxiety: How Does It Work?

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Did you know that in the US, about 40 million people suffer from anxiety?

It’s a normal part of life to feel anxious now and then. You might get nervous before a big test or worried about a plan change.

But if you have an anxiety disorder, these uncomfortable feelings can make it hard to get through the day. Anxiety disorders often cause sudden panic attacks and thoughts of worry and keep you from interacting with others.

Currently, medical marijuana is legal in many states and marketed for anxiety. But is it right for you?

Keep reading to learn more about cannabis for anxiety.

The Science Behind

The science behind cannabis for anxiety is still being studied and explored. There are promising studies that suggest it has a positive effect. Cannabinoids found in cannabis can help regulate levels of neurotransmitters.

The chemical messengers send signals throughout the brain – to make a person relax. This makes it a potential anxiety treatment.

Additionally, there is evidence that cannabis can help with sleep, calming racing thoughts and reducing chest tightness. With more research, this could become a well-established treatment for anxiety-like symptoms.

Benefits of Cannabis

Evidence shows that it works similarly to other anti-anxiety drugs. It binds to specific receptor sites and changes their activity. Additionally, the pharmacological properties of cannabinoids have the potential to alleviate other symptoms.

Using it in moderation may be beneficial for mild or moderate cases. Cannabis may help individuals to find relief from anxiety without relying on over-the-counter and prescription medications. It is important to discuss options with a doctor or healthcare provider.

Strains of Cannabis

Strains of cannabis can be used to target different areas of the body to help address anxiety symptoms. There can be two known options.

Indica Strains

Indica strains are known for their calming and soothing effects. They are often recommended for those suffering from anxiety. They have higher concentrations of CBD. It can help block anxiety-inducing chemicals in the brain.

Sativa Strains

Sativa strains are uplifting and energizing and are well-suited for alleviating stress. They can help reduce feelings of panic, restlessness, and fear.

Both types of cannabis can have positive effects on managing anxiety.

Research Statistics

One study found that CBD had a reductive effect on social and post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms. Other studies have found that patients with anxiety report feeling less anxious when they consume products.

These interesting stats indicate that cannabis may be a viable alternative for anxiety relief. As more research is done, new information will become available and can help further validate the use of cannabis for anxiety relief. 

Plan Ahead for Using Cannabis for Anxiety

Cannabis for anxiety can work, but it is essential to consult a doctor or qualified healthcare professional before use. It can benefit those with severe anxiety, but caution must be taken to ensure safe and proper usage. Be sure to research and utilize the various resources available.

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