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Did you know that nearly 92% of households own at least one car? If you’re thinking of upgrading or adding a car to your fleet, you may be wondering how to get started. Aside from the paint color, you’ll want to take a look at the latest bells and whistles that can make driving a safer and more enjoyable experience.

Before you start visiting car lots, know what’s available. Read on to learn what’s new in car tech!

Automatic Emergency Braking

One of the biggest car technology advancements related to safety has been automatic emergency braking (AEB). Even as a vigilant driver, it’s easy to miss last-second issues that can cause a collision. That’s where AEB steps in as a game-changer. 

AEB will do the braking for you if a potential collision is detected. At the very least, AEB can slow the rate of speed to help reduce the level of impact. This is all thanks to sensors that usually are located on the bumper or grille of a car.

Health Monitoring

Yes, some cars have the ability to monitor your vitals and well-being. With the help of sensors, this technology can track anything from your blood pressure to oxygen levels. Especially when you have children or others in tow, you want to be a safe driver. 

From a long-range planning standpoint, this car tech can be an asset to anyone trying to get healthier. Being able to measure your blood pressure on the morning commute can provide a simple data point. Drivers can track progress as they work toward a healthier lifestyle.

In the short term, this technology can keep more drivers safe on the roads. If a driver is impaired or experiencing a dangerous spike in their heart rate, the monitor can tell them. They can pull off the road and seek medical care, if needed. 

Heads-Up Displays

If you’ve ever felt like you spend too much time glancing at your dashboard, then heads-up displays are for you. The idea behind them is simple. Avoid distracted driving by projecting dashboard information onto your windshield with smart technology. 

You should be able to find this technology in models from most major car manufacturers. The projection will not interfere with your line of sight while driving. Just be sure that you choose a display that shows enough contrast to be visible as light changes throughout the day. 

Blind Spot Monitors

Many cars from a decade ago were not built to include cameras. But many of today’s cars include helpful safety monitors. With blind spot monitors, sensors and cameras help drivers to see what is happening in their blind spot through a monitor on the dashboard.

When you’re driving in busy city traffic or dealing with noisy kids in the car, these monitors are critical. They will alert you to cars that may be hard to see on either side of you. In doing so, they can help prevent accidents.

Drivers can think of these monitors as one more level of precaution to accompany their mirrors. Even better, many new cars automatically offer this feature, meaning car buyers won’t have to break their budget to get it. 

Electric Cars

Electric cars are not new to the auto industry, but they continue to improve. For drivers eager to lessen their carbon footprint, electric vehicles present a more eco-conscious solution. All you need to do is plug them into an outlet to recharge. 

Electric vehicles can save car owners money on gas. Further, better batteries over the years allow electrical vehicles to last longer before needing to be recharged. 

Many drivers enjoy a stronger sense of handling and a more comfortable ride in electric vehicles. Additionally, because of the vehicle’s torque, drivers can expect better acceleration. To learn more about the latest tech in new cars, visit Tecno Android.

Driverless Tech

Perhaps you’ve heard about self-driving cars and wondered if they will ever come to fruition. While there are not any vehicles that do all the driving, there are some on the roads that offer driverless technology. These smart cars enable drivers to hand off the steering responsibilities to tech within their vehicles. 

Sensors and intricate machinery do the work to make driverless tech a reality in some new cars. On certain roads, for instance, a driver may be able to move into a hands-free cruise control setting. This can enable them to remove their hands from the wheel.

Some new vehicles also have measures in place to ensure that the driver is still alert. Even when the driverless tech is active, a driver should be monitoring driving conditions, too. 

Remote Shutdown Technology

If your car ever goes missing, you may feel like it’s gone forever. Fortunately, remote shutdown technology is helping car owners reclaim their vehicles. It’s also become a highly useful tool for law enforcement agents looking for stolen cars. 

With the remote shutdown, you can turn off your car if you suspect someone has taken it. It doesn’t matter where you are, either. With the help of GPS, the technology can locate your vehicle and make sure no one can drive it. 

Explore the Latest Car Tech

Car tech can dramatically improve your driving experience. From electric cars to smart technology, innovations keep drivers safer on the roads and provide a more reliable form of transformation. Today’s drivers can enjoy driverless technology, AEB, health monitoring, and more. 

Find more news on the latest developments in the car industry. Check back soon for fresh and informative articles!

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