Choosing the Best Sports Betting Picks: 5 Winning Tips

No matter your sport of choice, there’s always a lot to consider when making picks. You can spend hours poring over the form or call upon dozens of spreadsheets and websites to work out the most likely results.

Before we get into finding perfect predictions, remember that it’s as much about value as it is getting the correct result. The best sports betting picks not only cover the most likely winners but also more significant returns that bookmakers might have missed.

Let’s get into it with five fantastic tips for making the best sports picks, no matter your experience levels.

1. Always Start by Doing Your Homework

You can’t tell whether there’s value in a selection unless you have an informed idea of the most likely outcome. You’ll never be short of statistics on anything from baseball to horse racing, and it’s vital to be able to interpret them to predict outcomes.

Only when you have an idea of the chances of something happening can you set about finding value among available betting lines.

2. Focus on Fewer, Better Picks

The best sports picks often stand out because you can receive more significant returns than a bookmaker’s odds might suggest. However, it’s often better to place larger wagers on fewer events than to spread yourself too thinly.

After all, great picks rely on mistakes by odds setters. A bookmaker that makes frequent mistakes won’t be in business long, so go big when these opportunities present themselves.

3. Follow the Best Free Sports Picks

If you don’t have the time to comb through form and odds comparisons for the best value picks, you can let someone else do it for you. There are plenty of websites out there, and even Twitter hashtags can guide your bets. Just remember to delve into someone’s profile to see how they’ve been getting on lately, and always use your own judgment.

4. The Best Sports Betting Picks Might Be Paid

Free picks are great, but, as with most content, the best stuff often sits behind a paywall. It’s easy to be cynical, thinking that paid tips are there just to line a tipster’s pockets regardless of a bet’s outcome. However, there’s a method to the madness.

When you buy sports picks, you’re part of an exclusive club. As bookmakers look to hedge through pricing, the more bets on an outcome, the lower the odds become. Keeping bets on the low side enables everyone to get in on the value.

Also, remember that when picks are paid for, the people making them have an incentive to make their best effort as customers aren’t too fond of paying for unsuccessful ones!

5. Formulate a Strategy

If you’re new to finding the best sports betting picks, you don’t need to worry about a strategy just yet. However, you’ll create one over time. You’ll start to spot patterns or identify regular value sources. Before long, this can become a full-blown strategy, guiding your unit sizes, bet frequency, and more – and a successful pick strategy can be worth its weight in gold!

Boost Your Pick Game With Our Betting Guides

Remember, the best sports betting picks are all about value, not merely deciding who you think will come out on top in any sporting event.

There’s a surprising amount of nuance to sports betting, especially if you’re after long-term profits. Fortunately, we’ve covered it extensively here on the blog, so be sure to take a look at our other articles!

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