Las Vegas, simply known as “Vegas” by many people, is a populated city in the country and the most popular city in Nevada, United States. Las Vegas, over the year, has experienced constant immigration of people. This can be linked to the beautiful sights, structures, and places in Las Vegas. This city is popular in the U.S. for the presence of several attractive beaches therein. International travellers visiting Las Vegas are always fascinated by the beautiful beaches and the romantic view it provides. In this article, we will discuss the beaches in Las Vegas and take some strategic locations like Newport beach as a case study for effective comprehension.


Newport is one of the most attractive in the U.S. due to its sandy beaches. Beginners commonly use this beach in surfing for their surfing practices. Though Newport beaches were the venue of interest for maritime industries back in the days, it is now used mostly as a recreational centre. Newport Beach has a sea elevation of 1,161ft, I.e., 353m. It is bordered by Huntington Beach, Ana River, Costs Mesa, Crystal Cove State Park.

In determining the distance of Newport Beach from Las Vegas, one has to consider the means of travel. If you plan on traveling by land, the driving distance from Las Vegas to Newport Beach is approximately 277miles which in time duration gives 4hour 9minutes. This simply means if you are to drive from Las Vegas, NV to Newport Beach, you will spend an approx. 4hours plus on the road. If you decide on air travel, the estimated time for travel ignoring factors such as airplane runway time, the time required to drive to the Las Vegas airport), the estimated time travel is 51minutes.


If you plan to go on a holiday with your partner and choose Las Vegas as your location, Newport Beach is a place you must visit. Some of the romantic things you can do with your partner during your visit to Newport beach are:

  1. Schedule a couples massage
  2. Take a sunset dinner cruise
  3. Go for a picnic
  4. Visit a local restaurant and bar

ESTA for travellers

Before visiting, you need to obtain a visa as a means of permit into the country. However, for some countries, this does not always apply. Through ESTA, citizens of 38 countries can arrive and stay in the USA for up to three months without a visa. Esta stands for Electronic System of Travel Authorization, and with this authorization, you can travel around the U.S. freely. ESTA for Las Vegas is under the Waiver Visa Program, and participants will need details including but not limited to I.D. card, medical records, and source of funding. You can start the registration process by visiting the ESTA site. Everything can be run online without the need for an agent. You will be asked to pay a standard fee for processing. If you have already made the application but are not sure of your validity, check status of esta through the website.


Snorkelling is a fun activity you might want to consider doing whenever you visit Newport Beach. Most travellers who visit Newport love to snorkel. Places to snorkel in Newport include:

  1. Crystal Clove
  2. Pirate Cove
  3. Catalina

Travelers visiting Newport love snorkelling because of the unusual beach atmosphere and the soothing effect of snorkelling on the body. During snorkelling, your heart rate increases, thereby increasing the rate at which your heart pumps. This activity’s resultant effect is that as your heart pump rate increases, your heart gets stronger, which helps to reduce the risk of a cardiovascular heart attack.


This question is one of the frequent questions asked by travellers visiting Newport Beach for the first time. According to statements released by the FBI in 2019, Newport Beach is one of the safest places to stay in the whole of America. FBI further stated that the rate of crime in Newport Beach do the last 5years is less than 4%. This statement was also corroborated by travellers who have visited Newport Beach for the last five years. If you plan to visit Newport Beach at any time, you don’t have to bother about security at the several police checkpoints. The checkpoints are stationed strategically to provide security for any traveller who visits Newport at any time.


Newport Beach has lots of attractive sights and features. This had made it one of the most popular beaches in the state of Nevada. Travelers are welcomed a romantic and fun-filled atmosphere that helps gives an interesting experience throughout your stay. It is advisable as a traveller that you get your permit and move around to prevent harassment from the cops.

Written by Crystal Rae

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