Collaboration Made Easy: 5 Benefits of Microsoft Teams

Collaboration Made Easy

Are you looking for better ways to communicate with your team?

With over a billion devices running Windows 10, every team member is likely using this operating system. Because of this, it’s best to use Microsoft Teams for collaboration. It’s a great method of how to increase productivity since communication is more efficient.

Read on as we list other benefits of Microsoft Teams. Learn more:

  1. Microsoft Teams Video Calling

One of the best pros of Microsoft Teams is the video calling feature. Even when your team members aren’t as tech-savvy, both video and audio calls are effortless.

To start a group call, press “Meet Now.” It also allows you to call a team member without a video feed. It’s possible regardless of your device.

Once a call is active, team members only need to press “Join” to jump in.

  1. Microsoft Planner App

Do you have apps that help with your productivity? If so, Teams has APIs that allow you to get planning tools. The application has no built-in planner, but you can integrate the Planner app into the platform.

After adding the app, you can access all Planner tools in one place. Also, you can put in other useful applications to increase your efficiency. Some of these include OneNote, SharePoint, and others.

  1. Fewer Email Threads

With over 200 billion emails sent and received each day, your inbox becomes cramped before long. To prevent this, use the Channels feature. Each has a different subtopic, allowing you to segment your team.

Segmentation ensures a clearer communication method with everyone. You can do various activities seamlessly without digging into email threads. After all, you can forward the emails to a channel after finding the right ones.

Click the ellipsis next to your desired Channel under the right Team. Select the “Get email address” option. It will show the email addresses you can CC emails to.

  1. Microsoft Suite Integration

Looking for more ways on how to collaborate at work? Microsoft Teams has everything for you. You can integrate the Microsoft Suite with the application.

You need not toggle between various applications while doing various tasks. You can combine almost any tool you use in your regular workday.

Teams will store each file sent in its original Chat, Team, or Channel. You can do it with integrated SharePoint or OneNote applications. Pin important files to make them more accessible.

  1. Easy Scheduling for Meetings

Scheduling is difficult, making it an undesirable task for most people. Microsoft Teams has plugins like FindTime to help. However, its Outlook integration makes your scheduling like a walk in the park.

Pick Calendar in the Teams menu and click “New Meeting” and then “Scheduling Assistant.” Your calendar syncs seamlessly with your email, allowing you to schedule without issue.

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Reap the Benefits of Microsoft Teams Now!

These are some of the best benefits of Microsoft Teams. Use these reasons to convince other team members to switch to this platform for better collaboration.

Are you looking for more ways to improve your team? Read our other posts and learn today!

Written by Crystal Rae

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