Common Causes and Solutions to Your Samsung Dryer Not Spinning

How many loads of laundry do you do each week? Are you considering getting a load of clean clothes out fast, a dryer is probably a good investment for your household.

If you have a Samsung gas dryer, you may experience a few common difficulties with Samsung dryer problems. Let’s talk about the most common issues in a Samsung dryer not spinning.

Why is my dryer not spinning? Do you have Samsung dryer problems? The solution to your problem is here.

Not Getting Power, Then Start Troubleshooting

The most frequent cause of a Samsung dryer not getting power is a tripped fuse or circuit breaker. To rectify this issue, locate the circuit breaker and reset it. If the problem persists, then the problem may lie in the power cord and plugs.

Check that the power cord is properly plugged in and that all connections are intact. If the problem persists after checking these two items, the next thing to check is the door switch located on the left side of the dryer. 

Worn Out the Dryer Belt Then Change It Immediately

If your Samsung dryer is not spinning, the most likely cause is a worn-out dryer belt. Samsung dryer drive belt is critical for the dryer’s operation and when worn, it needs to be replaced. One way to tell if your belt is worn out is to check for any cracks or visible signs of wear.

Another way to test a dryer belt is to spin the drum by hand. It should turn freely. To avoid more costly repairs, contact an expert to help in repairing Samsung appliance parts.

Broken Idler Pulley Then Get it Repair or Replace

One of the most common causes of a Samsung dryer not spinning is a broken dryer idler pulley. This part is responsible for providing tension to the drum belt, so when it breaks, the entire appliance will stop working.

Fortunately, the solution to this problem is relatively easy as you just need to replace the part. Depending on the specific model of the dryer, you may need to remove a few panels to access the idler pulley. 

Drive Motor Failure

Drive motor failure is one of the most common problems with Samsung dryers. It typically happens when the drive motor has become worn out or damaged. This can cause the drum to not spin when the dryer is running. 

To solve this problem, the user should first check the drive belt for signs of wear or damage. If it’s damaged, the user should replace it.

Next, the user should inspect the Samsung dryer drum rollers for any signs of wear and replace them if necessary. If the problem isn’t related to the drive belt or rollers, then the user should check the drive motor for any damage and replace it if necessary. Make sure to check the Samsung parts before purchasing them and replacing the broken parts.

Knowing Why Samsung Dryer Not Spinning

The most common causes of a Samsung dryer not spinning include a failing belt or motor, a broken idler pulley, or a faulty switch. Solutions include checking belts and pulleys, cleaning out the lint trap, and replacing switches or the entire motor.

Samsung Dryer is a very reliable appliance however doing regular maintenance is essential to keep it in good condition. If you require further assistance, contact a professional technician for a tune-up.

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