Common Misconception About Physical Health

Common Misconception About Physical Health

We live in a time where people are much more aware of the importance of maintaining physical and mental health. Not only do people actively try to keep themselves as healthy as possible, but they are constantly learning new things through the help of medical sciences. However, there are still quite a few misconceptions related to physical health. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the common misconceptions about health and what the truth is. It’s high time people learned accurate information about their health and started acting on it. On that note, here are a few misconceptions about physical health you should watch out for.

  • Aches And Pains Begin As You Age

Though you might think that aching joints come with age, age doesn’t directly cause pain. As you age, you may start to feel the effects of other chronic diseases like arthritis, but they aren’t directly linked. If you think you are going to be in pain because you are aging, you might be in for a surprise. Not all elderly people are in pain! Early arthritic onset affects younger people too. The great news is that these misconceptions are now changing because of the number of health professionals in the market. Health-related degrees are more accessible now, for example, an online msn fnp, which ensures that people can get health-related education more easily. If you think you are suffering from pain in some form, it would be best to speak to a medical nurse/doctor to get to the root of the issue as soon as possible. If you’d like to check out on the reviews for VivaSlim, please feel free to check them out here.

  • Being Out In The Cold Will Make You Sick

You may remember family members telling you to stay warm in winter or avoid going out with wet hair. Their reasoning revolved around the temperature having some sort of effect on you catching a cold. Though you should appreciate the concern from your loved ones, the science behind catching a virus would beg to differ from the logic. The reason why you may be more susceptible to a cold/flu during the winter is that viruses are more likely to travel during low temperatures. Moreover, with less sunlight in the winter, you might be losing out on some precious Vitamin D which is known to strengthen your immunity. What you can do is consume Vitamin D supplements to strengthen your immunity and help your body fight off diseases and viruses.

  • There Is No Link Between Mental And Physical Health

This is one of the biggest misconceptions out there. Even if the issue is psychological, it can still have a profound effect on your health. For example, the effects of anxiety can seriously harm you if you don’t tend to the situation. You may feel lightheaded, jittery, and have an upset stomach. In extreme cases, an increased heart rate could cause a heart attack. Moreover, the neurological reactions in your brain are a result of a release of chemicals. These chemical reactions are responsible for our moods, emotions, and general behavior. It’s high time we started taking mental health issues seriously. The physical effects can be debilitating and take a major toll on the person who is suffering from the issues

  • Not Sweating During A Workout Means That You Are Doing Something Wrong

One of the common misconceptions related to physical activity suggests that sweating is a sign that you are working out well. You can see why people would think this way, and in theory, it makes sense. However, this, too, is only a myth. Sweating in the gym doesn’t mean anything more than that you’re feeling hot. You can have a fulfilling workout session in a cool environment and not sweat. Perspiration just means that your internal body temperature is rising, and the body produces sweat to cool it down. Just because you aren’t feeling hot doesn’t mean that your muscles aren’t doing their job. You can bench several reps and still not break a sweat. Many people don’t sweat during their workouts at all.

  • Diabetic People Are Also Obese

You are nearly 50% more likely to contract diabetes if it runs in the family. Therefore, it doesn’t particularly matter what your body type or body weight is; you can develop diabetes regardless. Nearly 20% of the general population suffers from type 2 diabetes with normal body weight. Informally known as lean diabetes, many people remain thin and trimmed yet silently battle the chronic illness. Thinking that all diabetics are overweight stigmatizes overweight people and creates a false idea of what the condition entails.


Hopefully, this article has shed light on some of the misconceptions that exist related to physical health. It is detrimental that we change the way we think about these myths. Not only do they created unwarranted social stigma, but in turn, the false knowledge could be extremely harmful. Play your part. Learn the truth and pass it on.

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