Common Types Of Marketing Agency

Marketing is an immensely broad field. Within marketing there are many specialized agencies that focus their energies on providing tailored services to clients. This article is a brief guide to some of the most important specialist marketing agency types today.

Online PPC

The Pay Per Click model is one of the most popular online marketing funding types. A PPC agency will charge clients for online marketing creation and hosting relative to the amount of times consumers click on links within the material. This makes online marketing far more cost effective than if a company was to pay for the anticipated impact of the advertising material.


Brand agencies are the strategists of the marketing world. They take a step back and look at the bigger picture of how public perception of an organization can be molded. They work with research and design teams in order to fabricate long term plans for the development of a brand. These agencies often try and connect the brands they work with to the consumers they are seeking to foster a relationship with. They use market research to identify things that target consumers need and desire from the companies they purchase from. Brand identity is essential to the overall success of a business.

Advertising And Design

Advertising and design agencies are responsible for the creation – but not the dissemination – of marketing materials. They create visual and written content designed to advertise products, services and organizations. Advertising and design agencies rely upon data collected by other agencies or in house data specialists to develop visual and written content strategies. Gone are the days when ad men simply brainstormed a whacky idea around a long mahogany table. Advertising agencies work closely with client companies to ensure that consistent brand identity is maintained.

Public Relations

Public Relations agencies contain experts schooled in the dark arts of media communication, disaster control and brand perception. They help to generate positive editorial (non-paid for) press and to dispel negative press. They are responsible for the creation of Public Relations disaster contingency plans. Essentially, these plans enable a company to steer out of a disaster that could otherwise impact public perception. Media relations are extremely important in maintaining a business’ public image. PR agencies develop positive relationships with journalists, online influencers and public advocates in order to keep a business in good stead. They may advise client companies on the development of an appropriate image.

Social Media

4.59 billion people use social media around the world – a staggering percentage of the global population. For obvious reasons, social media marketing is one of the most important fields in marketing overall and has spawned thousands of dedicated agencies. Social media marketing agencies need to keep ahead of the curve – using data to predict future communicative trends. These agencies may specialize in the development of targeted advertisement or communications campaigns. Social media marketing companies also research and recruit influencers to act as direct to consumer spokespeople for their client companies.

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