Competition of different email services in 2021

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Gmail is that famous email service where unlimited people remain active at all times. About all users of social media have their Gmail accounts and not important that all users use their Gmail accounts. I think there is no other better choice to use other email services for your business but when you will use Gmail accounts, and then it is good for your business. There are unlimited people who are buying Gmail accounts on daily basis for their business. Not only for business, but the initial role of Gmail is to provide communication tools that could be used for all types of communications.

Competition of different email services

It is a wrong theory that all people of the world are using only Gmail account. Because as you know that there are more than 2 dozen email services that have international importance. However, if we say that you should only buy Gmail accounts for living a better life, then it will be wrong. But you are free in choosing an email service for your different use. Here we will make a comparison of Gmail with some other famous email services like Facebook Email Extractor and then it depends on you that which email you will choose.


Gmail is a famous email service that stores all data on clouds and it is not possible for anyone to access data but then only the owner of a Gmail account. 1.5 years ago, in October 2019, there were about 1.5 billion active users. However, these days, the number of active users will be near 2 billion. Because the features and uses of Gmail accounts are more useful than all social media users try to create the accounts on this app. It consists of unlimited features and when you will buy Gmail accounts, then you will be able to use all the fresh as well as old features of Gmail. Today, it is the 17th birthday of Gmail and in these seventeen years, the number of users increased with quick speed.


Hotmail is the 1st email service that was created in 1996 by Sabeer Bhatia was the creator of this amazing email service.  However, it was sold to Microsoft in 1997 for $400 million. There was a lot of work on this email service and in 2013, it was changed to There are unlimited features of this mail service. You can use this email service in more than 106 languages and more than 400 million users are using this service. Most numbers of Gmail features are available in this mail service. It is also could be used for your business purposes, but most users of this email service are for personal life. And lot numbers of features are available for personal life. Because at the time of the creation of this mail, there was no concept of email marketing business.

Yahoo email services

Yahoo mail service came into existence on Oct 8, 1997, and its creator company was Yahoo. However, some years later, it was changed to Verizon. Due to old age email service, it is the best email service for your personal life. And the main reason for this fact is that there was no stable idea of online business when it was born. However, it has progressed a lot, and now, it is known as the best free email service for the email marketing business. But it should keep in mind that it is a very slow email service in making the number of users. However, there are about 250 million users of Yahoo. As you know that email marketing business is moving to its peak level.

Proton Mail

It is a low storage email service and when you will buy Proton mail then you can use it for your average size business. However, it can provide only 500 MB of data for free and there are no charges for using this data. While if you want to get extra memory, then you should buy this data. However, it is known as a growing email service and you will see this email service as the best email service some years later.

We have discussed 4 email services in this blog. And now it depends on you to choose an email service that you think will be good for you. But if you want to take advice from our website, then we will choose Gmail PVA accounts.


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