Davenport Or Kissimmee – Where Should You Live In Florida

Davenport Or Kissimmee

Trying to find a new place to live can be a challenging task. It can be an utterly emotional and once-in-a-lifetime experience. All of it can be easier when you have someone to help you out. Having accurate information about an area is crucial before you decide to live there. It is for you to have the right neighborhood to live in at the perfect cost. When looking to settle in the beautiful sun-drenched city of Florida, you can choose so many places. The two most prominent ones that stand out in all of Florida are Kissimmee, FL, and Davenport. But, with two options as good as these, it might be a little hard for you to select one. So, read the article ahead, and maybe you might find a place in FL to settle down.

Why Kissimmee, FL?

Even though Kissimmee is more of a tourist destination, time is changing it into a residential area. The influx of people every day from all the tourist hotspots is the reason for its growing popularity. If you are looking for a new house, there are lots of Kissimmee FL homes for sale. And here are some reasons why you should live in Kissimmee.

  1. A Suburban Area: The main concern of moving to a new place is that it is a safe area to settle down. You might consider some factors as to how you need a friendly neighborhood with the right kind of people. All of this is so you do not have to worry about your kids playing outside. Not only that but living in a place outside the hustle and bustle of a city is sometimes your exact need when you are looking for a home. Kissimmee is all of that and more. With several schools to choose from for your children, you can make sure to live in one of the best school districts. Comparing with the national average, the cost of living in this town is 11% more inexpensive, making this one of the places you should consider as your home!
  1. A Ton Of Places To Go To: This list might be a bit too long, so hold your horses. But, let’s dive into some places that will never leave you bored once you move to Kissimmee, FL.
  • A short drive from Kissimmee to Orlando transports you to the magical world of Walt Disney World, Sea World, Epcot, MGM Studios, Legoland, Universal Studios, Animal Kingdom, Islands of Adventure, and the Wet ‘n’ Wild Water Park. With so many places to go to with your family, how could you not want to live in Kissimmee?
  • As if there weren’t already so many magical places to explore, Kissimmee also has its chocolate empire. Kissimmee’s Chocolate Kingdom is one of the locations you visit any day with your family. The Mystic River of Chocolate, A Cacao Tree Greenhouse, the Mystic Chocolate Creek, a Chocolate Museum, and a Bean-to-Bar factory illustrate to you the chocolate-making methods on this chocolatey journey.
  • Kissimmee, with its up-and-coming crowd, is known as the Town of Celebration. You can avoid the hustle and bustle of the city while enjoying the charming downtown areas. Even though the town is small, it will always have attractions up its sleeve for you, your family, and your guests to visit.
  • Furthermore, market Street is open every weekend for you to purchase all the latest items. These may include baked goods, neighborhood entertainments, local treats to indulge in, and exclusive remembrances for your guests to take home. You will see several decorative traditions if you visit during the Christmas or the Thanksgiving season.
  • With numerous parks at every corner, you can find yourself out to breathe in the crisp air of BBQ and picnic tables everywhere. Kissimmee Lakefront Park offers BBQ grills, concession stands, a fishing pier, picnic tables, and even a playground for your kids. If you have more of an athletic demeanor, you can visit the Mark Durbin Community Park. Not only do they have Athletic Programs but also a Baseball Field, Basketball Courts, In-Line Hockey Rink, and to top it off, some BBQ Grills too!

If all of these attractions and happening in this small borough does not convince you to make Kissimmee your new home, maybe you will be interested in another gem of a town in Florida.

Why Davenport?

Even though it is a town of a somewhat limited size, Davenport is experiencing abundant growth. It is one of the most desirable places to live. All of this is because of all the tourist attractions that are minutes away from this town. Davenport continues to hold its small-town charm. But, those should not be the only reasons for you to move to Davenport. You can think of making it your home based on knowing what it offers you. Although you can find many houses for sale in Davenport, it is not only a residential area. Davenport remains a vacation destination for all those planning to travel to explore Orlando’s countless amenities, such as theme parks and landmarks. So let’s talk about why you should make this quaint town your new home.

  • In this context, Davenport is a modern city with every fast food restaurant you can imagine. This place also has plenty of good choices for food connoisseurs – offers a variety of fast-food chains and several great local establishments. You can opt for Osteria Italian Kitchen, which has a nice view of downtown. Likewise, the Camille’s Sidewalk Café is ideal for lunch, and so is The Davenport Cafe, or hit the Zen Asian Grill for Asian and Chinese delicacies.
  • The nightlife of Davenport is vibrant and sizzling. If you prefer a classic option, the 11th Street Bar and Grill is a must-try. This joint is a coupled-up pub and restaurant that you should check out. However, if you want to go out on a night for karaoke, The Paddy Wagon Irish Pub is the place for you.
  • If you have a keen interest in Golf, Davenport is the way to go. This town offers tons of Golf courses for you to polish your skills in. Not only that, but they have an abundance of resorts to relax in. It is not just golfing, but you will be able to enjoy Florida’s mature natural beauty.
  • On the chance of you moving to Davenport with your children, there are several parks that you can visit with them. You can find a boat ramp, lakes, a nature walk, playgrounds, dog parks, racquetball courts, soccer and football fields, basketball courts, and so much more. There are even some biking trails you can embark on if you are more of an athletic person.
  • Looking forward to a day out? The main reason Davenport is utterly famous is for its proximity to Disney World. If you are feeling a little too adventurous, opt to take a hot air balloon ride. No, it will not be a short one because you will be cruising over Davenport, Four Corners, Disney & Orlando Areas. Just another reason for you to settle down in Davenport.

Last Words

To sum it up, you can choose from either of these places and still end up in a place where you find a friendly neighborhood and lots of attractions to visit. May it be Kissimmee or Davenport that you call your home, you can find cheap and affordable homes to live in. You can never get too much of any of these two towns!

If you’re specifically interested in Florida, you might want to consider exploring the real estate options in the state. Websites like can provide you with information on available properties in various areas of Florida, including Kissimmee and Davenport.

Written by Crystal Rae

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