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Debunking Myths About Living in Dubai

Dubai is such a famous place that people who did not visit it yet know its name because of so many popularities. One of the reasons for attraction in Dubai is its residential areas as the apartment for sale in Meydan, Jabel Ali, Sports City, DHCC, and many more, which are offering you the highest living standards. But most people claim many unheard talks about life in Dubai. Some of the rumors are given below!

Myth # 1

You have to speak Arabic if you want to live in Dubai. Otherwise, you can never stay there.


Basic greetings in Arabic as ‘Assalam O Alaikum, ‘Allah Hafiz’ etc., is good to practice because they may help you create connections with the natives. Otherwise, Arabic is not mandatory to live in Dubai because English is used all over in the United Arab Emirates.

Myth # 2

If you are a Christian, Jewish, or Hindu, you can not perform your religious practices against their law.


Undoubtedly, Dubai is a Muslim city of a Muslim country, but still, the doors are open for every person no matter to which religion he belongs. He can practice what he wants to.

Myth # 3

The weather remains intensively hot during the whole year, worst for a visit.


Although the annual climate is hot and you can say it’s not tolerable for many foreign visitors, the season changes from December to March with rainfall and calm winds, perfect for visiting.

Myth # 4

The natives of Dubai are wealthy by birth, and they all worked as a master of foreign workers.


Hard work is the key to success. Nothing can be achieved without hard work; even you will lose all these things you have if you only rely on them; that is why the people in Dubai make money with hard work, and many people claim that many of the natives have no money because they do not work hard.

Myth # 5

Dubai is a vast country with so many commercial business companies and residential communities.


It’s a vast misconception prevailing worldwide because Dubai is a very famous city of the United Arab Emirates and not a country itself.

Myth # 6

The tap water is quite questionable as it creates serious skin issues.


No doubt, tap water in many countries is not suitable for the skin, and people have to use the filter plants, but that is not the case in Dubai because the tap water is approved to use as it does not create any skin problem.

Myth # 7

When hearing the name of Dubai, for most people, a picture pops up in their mind as a desert with sand prevailing everywhere and a high scarcity of water.


Dubai has charming places to visit, like the mountains and the other recreational areas. Although the desert is also here, it is not like the other deserts of the world. Many people come to visit this desert area.


Although Dubai is always crowded, many people do not know about all the facts and features of this city, which is why many misconceptions spread here and there. Dubai living is ideal, especially its vibrant luxury apartments as the apartment for sale in Meydan, Sports City, Jabel Ali, Al Fujran, and many others like that if you still have any misconceptions about living in Dubai, then you can contact Azizi Developments!

Written by Enaa Mari

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