Different types of saffron in the world

Different types of saffron in the world

Saffron is produced mostly in Asian countries and Pampore district. It consists of antioxidants properties and healing aspects.

It is a spice having unique flavour and fragrance but other than this it has a lot of medicinal properties as well with very less or may be no side effects . As these days people are actively accepting the natural methods of treatment this actually increases saffron popularity and the use of saffron as an medicinal herb

Saffron occurs all over the world but mainly in Asian countries . It is of different types on the basis of origin and it’s popularity. Kashmir saffron is one of the best saffron in the world and most demanded one.

Saffron is of so many types some of these are

  • Bunch saffron – It is the type of saffron which is easily and commonly available and obtained manually complete part from top of the stigma to the extreme bottom of the style expel out from the flowering part

It’s bottom part is of whitish in colour which differentiate it from the others

And after that all the parts are dried and processed for use.  It’s length is not very good but rises up to 3-5 centimetres. It is found in asian countries

And this is one of the cheapest and easily available kinds of saffron. This type of saffron doesn’t consist of medical properties as much , also it has very less fragrance and taste. Saffron from India is consumed worldwide and taken by people.

  • Sargol saffron – It is a type of saffron which is of complete red in colour, no yellow or white styles, just the main red colour stigma . It is obtained from the uppermost parts and it have great aroma and fragrance because it doesn’t consists of any other colours of style it make its value even a lot more also this type of saffron has great properties which makes it expensive

It is a very thin and delicate kind of saffron so it should be taken care while harvesting it manually.

  • Pushal saffron – It is of dark red in colour in comparison to the bunch saffron and whereas bunch saffron has a bottom part of whitish colour it is of mainly yellowish colour . This type of saffron consists of higher ratio of stigma in comparison to other ones make it value a lot more

It is one of the expensive types of saffron having length upto 2-3 cm with some curls or waves in it.

  • Negin saffron – It’s production is not very much worldwide so it is one of the most expensive saffron it’s stigma is if greatest of length and thickness is  high among all the other saffron
  • Super begin is also a type of saffron but it is one of the most rare and most expensive type of saffron with highest quality and properties
  • Comparison

Brunch has the lowest quality among all. Pushal is of moderate quality among all. Sargol is of good quality among all. And negin is of best quality among all Saffrons. But super negin is bestest among all

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