Do You Want to Prevent the Cold from Seeping In? Top Tips to Maintain Your Furnace This Winter

We all relish being warm and cozy under the covers while the snow and wind rage outside. But what if the furnace breaks down – or worse, suffers from a gas leak and has carbon monoxide poisoning? What are you to do then? It’s all well and good when all our household systems are running and operating efficiently – but if one of these systems breaks down, we could have a disaster on our hands – particularly if we rely greatly on the system to make us comfortable. This is why it’s always a good idea to have your furnace maintained. But how? Here are some top tips for maintaining your furnace this winter.

  1. Check the filter

One of the first things you should do to ensure that your furnace is working properly is to check – and change – the filter. Make it a regular thing and change them every so often, according to furnace repair Aurora, IL companies such as McNally HVAC. The filters ensure that the quality of air indoors is good, and they prevent the influx of airborne diseases and pollutants. But as you may already know, filters tend to accumulate a lot of dust and dirt – so the number one thing to do is to change them regularly. Moreover, if the filters are dirty, the furnace will find it more difficult to work and push the air through – which means a more expensive energy bill and a lower lifespan for your furnace. And you can’t make up excuses – air filters are cheap and easy to change, so there’s no reason why you can’t or shouldn’t.

  1. Check the thermostat

Another thing to check would be the thermostat – you have to ensure it is functioning well. If the thermostat is not functioning as it should – for instance, if your home does not match its temperature – it could mean that the thermostat’s calibration is off. When the thermostat’s calibration is incorrect or dirty, this could result in issues. Only a good and licensed technician can ensure that your thermostat is properly calibrated, so contact a maintenance service as soon as possible.

  1. Check the control valve

If your furnace is on but doesn’t produce heat at all, there could be a simple solution: your control valve must be off! One of the first things you should do when checking your furnace is monitor its control valve. The valve will be on the supply line if you have a gas furnace. The valve must be on, and the gas must enter the furnace without difficulty.

  1. Clean the furnace

Another obvious solution – but one which many homeowners seem to neglect – is to clean the furnace whenever you can. Cleaning it regularly will ensure that the furnace will function efficiently – and if it’s dirty, chances are likely that a component or part will break down sooner rather than later.

If the furnace is kept clean, you can also keep your running costs down. You can start by cleaning the filter, the motor, and the blower. If you feel that you can’t do an adequate job, you can always rely on a furnace maintenance and repair expert – they will not only clean the furnace, they will check for potential damage and address issues before they worsen.

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