Does Dodow Sleep Aid Work?

Does Dodow Sleep Aid Work?

Insomnia is a real tragedy and quite a large percentage of the world’s people suffer from this problem. We have friends as well as relatives out here who are busy looking for strategies for fighting this problem. It seems a small problem but the end implications are what you should prevent from developing.

Dodows are among the few therapies in the market currently claiming to offer a solution to this problem. So, if you aren’t still convinced to try them, herein, we shall explain whether Dodows are effective for insomnia patients. Further, you will get how they work and how they are used. Incorporating the article information will help you decide whether they are worth a try.

Does Dodow Sleep Aid Work

Before moving forward to cover the Dodows functionality, what are they? These are light metronome gadgets designed specifically to help insomnia people get the urge to sleep faster. Several people have tried them and provided their views concerning the effectiveness of these devices. Some have reported excellent results while others have rejected the positive reviews reported online.

Such confusing reviews by past users have created mixed reactions whether to try or completely avoid them. However, people’s testimonials are ever true unless otherwise, the reviews are from competitor company persons. The manufacturer claims that they design these units with great professionalism to ensure they provide results. So, do the Dodows sleep aids really work?

Yes, Dodows are effective modern inventions designed mainly to help insomnia patients to fall asleep. Once on this therapy, you will take a few minutes to develop the urge to sleep. Consequently, they also help people get back to their normal sleep after being distracted at night. However, note that they don’t help to keep people asleep but rather make you fall asleep.

Even though they are claimed to be effective, there is still no clinical proof that has supported the claim. Manufacturers also have stated that these devices are not only for insomnia sufferers. Other people who can employ them include;


  • Pregnant women
  • Anxiety affected people
  • Stress affected people
  • Those living in noisy environments
  • People often distracted at night
  • Sufferers of other sleep disorders

Anyone who employs any health-related product or therapy should not start over anyhow. Before you give the Dodows a try, you must consult widely from the health practitioners. These people usually diagnose patients and ascertain the perfect medication or therapies to get them administered to.

How the Dodows Sleeping Aid Devices Work

Now the insomnia patients can enjoy a sound sleep every day to read successful days ahead. After getting a go-ahead from your doctor to use this therapy, it’s important to seek information on how they function. Remember, you get effective results from the proper usage of these devices. Now, how do these sleep devices function?

The Dodows employs light metronomes to create an effect that will make the user fall asleep faster. Actually, they make you fall asleep within twenty minutes after turning them to function. And still you hesitate to get dodow to enjoy a sound sleep?

These devices simply function by projecting pulsating blueprint light on your bedroom ceiling. At fast the blue light will start as a simple blue dot. It takes a few minutes for the dot to grow into a halo shape and finally back to its normal dot size.

The working of these devices goes hand in hand with your breathing pattern. Users will synchronize their breath by breathing in when the light expands and breathe out when retracting. Do that repeatedly and wait for the magic to come true.

Usually, there are specific time settings that users should employ these devices. They get set for 8 and 20 minutes sessions. It’s the user to set a preferable session to indulge into. The device automatically shuts down once the chosen duration elapses.

The session you should set depends on the level of your condition. Usually, the shorter sessions are meant for people who have difficulties getting the urge to sleep. Once the condition develops further chronic insomnia, the situation is different. Chronic insomnia sufferers need a longer session for them to fall asleep.

Using the Dodow devices usually affects an individual’s breathing rhythm. Before you turn the device on, you might be making around twelve breaths every minute. However, upon starting to use the device, the rate will reduce halfway to around six breaths every minute. Such a rate is effective on your blood pressure and heart rate for persons who need to fall asleep faster.

Are Dodows Safe to Use?

Most of us usually rush for over-the-counter medications when hit by problems like these. But then, how long will you be getting out to look for these medications? In the meantime, over-the-counter medications have negative effects on the body and our general health. These medications might affect your cognition, appetite, and even alertness as such.

Dodows are non-pharmacologic therapies for people with sleep disorders. People have tested them and testified their experience. Even if these devices are not clinically approved as safe, the few studies suggest they have no adverse effects. Still, other health experts have recommended them to be effective for insomnia sufferers.

However, don’t purchase them until you get recommended medication from a health specialist. Consequently, these are not devices for anyone who has had just a single day of difficulties falling asleep. You must have suffered the problem quite longer to prove that you are an insomniac sufferer.


So, are you an insomniac sufferer who still hasn’t decided to get away with the problem? Stop further development of the condition by creating the urge to sleep by recommended therapies. Dodows have proved to be effective and worth trying.

Above, I have provided a hint of what these devices are and whether they are effective. Further, readers can enjoy information about the science behind the Dodows functionality. Dodows are safe modern gadgets that can provide you a chance to enjoy your past sleep experiences.

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