Does Vape Juice Expire?

Does Vape Juice Expire

Vape juice is a liquid that turns into vapor which many people enjoy as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. There are two types of vape juice, PG and VG. VG can produce more vapor than PG, but it can also irritate your throat when you inhale too much. PG is less likely to cause this irritation in your throat but will not produce nearly as much vapor when heated up in your vaping device. One of the most common questions people have about cbd vape juice is: does it expire? We answer this question here!

What Happens When Vape Juice Goes Bad?

It is possible for vape juice to go bad, and a few things may happen when this happens. One possibility is the flavor might change, so you’re not enjoying it as much anymore. Another potential issue with expired or spoiled vaping liquid is that bacteria could contaminate your wicks which will ruin them in addition to causing unpleasant tastes.

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When Will Vape Juice Expire?

Vaping juice head is not like milk or other beverages. It does not have a set expiration date that you can find on the label, which means it will expire anytime between when you purchase and use it. You should always err on the side of caution to ensure your vape liquid tastes as good as it can be.

Even though there’s no set expiration date, you’ll begin to notice changes in the flavor of your vaping liquid, and that is a sign that it has gone wrong. It may also become thicker or have an unpleasant smell, making vaping unpleasant for you and those around you!

What Can You Do With Expired Vape Juice?

You do not have to throw away your vape juice because of expiration. There are some things you can try that will give it new life! You could attempt a DIY flavor boost by adding in one or two drops of vanilla extract when topping off the liquid reservoir on your device. This might be enough to revive the taste for you.

Other things you can do are try to reintroduce your wicks by soaking them in distilled water for 24 hours and then drying them out with a paper towel. You could also buy new coils, which will make the flavor of your cbd vape juice great again!

What Makes Ejuice Expire?

The real question is, what doesn’t make vape juice expire? The flavor of the liquid will change over time, and it might have more or less nicotine in it. PG may degrade, which can happen if you don’t properly close your bottle when not using it to prevent air from seeping into the container. VG also tends to break down, so if you notice it’s thicker than usual, that is a sign that the VG has gone bad.

The best advice we have for making your vape juice last longer is to keep it in a cool and dark place when not in use, so it does not degrade as quickly!


Vape juice does not expire as nicotine gum or patches do. The expiration date of vape juice is the same as any other food product and can last for years without a problem. The only thing you need to worry about when it comes to vape juice is if the flavor has changed or there are any changes in the color of your product. You can also tell by smelling whether or not your e-juice has gone bad.

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