Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes after Getting Hurt In A Construction Accident

Don't Make These 3 Mistakes after Getting Hurt In A Construction Accident

If you’ve had a construction accident, delaying your care could cost you time and money. Even though the process of filing a workers’ compensation claim is designed to be easy to understand, many workers don’t know what to do in the event of a workplace injury. This leaves them financially responsible for their injuries when they don’t have to be.

In this article, we discuss the biggest mistakes to avoid after a construction site accident. Unfortunately, these mistakes are all too common. Continue reading to find out how to be prepared in case of a construction site workplace injury.

1. Not Reporting the Construction Accident

One of the biggest mistakes you can make after a construction accident injury is to not report the accident. Many workers don’t report their workplace injuries due to fear.

These workers are afraid they will lose their jobs. However, your employer cannot legally fire you for filing a workers’ compensation claim. So, make sure to report your injury to your employer and file a workers’ compensation claim. Delaying this process can have negative outcomes on your construction site accident compensation.

Report the Incident Your Employer

As we said, many workers don’t report a construction site accident to their employer. This is a huge mistake because it can affect the validity of your claim. Your employer’s insurance company may deny your claim.

Plus, your condition may worsen with time if not treated immediately. Your employer’s insurance company may claim that the injury is your fault for not seeking help immediately.

However, in some cases, your injury may prevent you from immediately notifying your employer. If you are severely injured or unconscious, you may not be able to notify your employer. In most circumstances, a severe injury like this should make its way to your employer but plan on notifying them as soon as possible.

File a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Filing a claim after a construction site workplace injury needs to be done within a certain timeframe. In some states, the deadline is 30 days after the injury. Other states allow up to 90 days or as soon as it’s practical to do so.

Failure to file a claim within these timeframes could affect your ability to receive construction site accident compensation. Your claim may be denied altogether and you’ll receive no coverage at all.

There are some grey areas to consider as well. If you develop an injury over time, such as tendonitis or other chronic injuries, your timeframe starts as soon as you find out it’s related to your work. Keep in mind, if your condition worsens after an initial construction accident, you may face denial of benefits if the initial accident wasn’t reported.

2. Not Seeking Medical Attention

Not seeking medical attention could also affect your construction accident case. Many construction workers feel the accident was minor and not worth a visit to the doctor’s office. They may come to find their condition significantly worsen days or weeks later.

Not only does this affect your ability to receive benefits as discussed above, but it could also leave you in worse physical health. This would leave you with expensive medical bills.

It’s also worth discussing the importance of accepting treatment. If you are receiving worker’s compensation payments, but refuse treatment, the insurance company may request your payments be stopped.

You should consider undergoing recommended treatments that are noninvasive such as occupational therapy. However, if you don’t want to pursue invasive procedures such as surgery, you might be able to appeal your case and offer evidence as to why you shouldn’t be forced to have the procedure.

3. Not Seeking Legal Assistance

While not every construction accident injury warrants hiring an attorney, some do. The system behind workers’ compensation is meant to be easy to navigate for employees, but more complex cases should be discussed with a legal professional. This is a step too many workers do not take in a construction accident case.

If you have a workplace injury that did not obviously result from working, if you have extensive injuries, or if you are out of work for a significant period of time, you may have difficulty with your claim.

Another example includes denial of your claim. If you don’t hire a personal injury attorney, it will be a difficult process to receive your construction site accident compensation.

Not pursuing legal assistance can result in you spending more on your injuries than necessary. You may also not receive any benefits at all. Working with specialists in this area will make the process much simpler for you.

One of the top reasons workers don’t seek legal counsel is because they don’t know what steps to follow after a construction site accident. They may not even know they are entitled to compensation for the injury. Working with a lawyer will help you understand these steps to take and how to navigate through the worker’s compensation system.

Be Prepared in Case of a Construction Accident

The best way to handle a construction accident injury is to prepare for one and avoid these mistakes. Delaying action can cause you a lot of money and discomfort.

Talk with your employer immediately about your construction site accident. Also, remember to seek medical attention even for minor injuries. They can develop into something worse quickly and you don’t want to have to shoulder the cost for the entire medical bill if you don’t have to.

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Written by Crystal Rae

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