Enjoying the Perfect Summer Party

How To Get Your Vitamin D This Summer
  1. Plan to Succeed

We highly recommend getting started on the planning for your big summer party as soon as possible. It would not be an exaggeration to commence planning your big summer party right after you wind down from your big Christmas and New Year’s Celebration, here’s why:

Summer events are especially difficult to align with everyone’s plans because there are vacations, school matters and enrollments, weddings, and honeymoons as well as other seasonal activities. To avoid a stack of RSVPs with demure apologies consider making your event the first one to hit everyone’s calendars.

Another important reason is that this element of your calendar will add something to look forward to in what can otherwise seem an eventless post holiday schedule.

Furthermore, if you begin your planning with time, you will be able to take advantage of a wider selection of venues and caterers who have not booked their schedules yet. You may be able to take advantage of many early bird specials by getting organized early. So if you begin organizing early you will take advantage of a wide range of dates and better prices.  If you are planning a gender reveal party, create the ultimate gender reveal with our confetti cannons.

Finally, and not quite as glamorous as the other reasons, an early start will allow you to fine tune your financial investment in your big summer party. This is an important decision as all other factors that play into the planning of your big event will pivot on this detail. An early start will allow you plenty of scope on the projects that should prevent unpleasant financial surprises on the horizon.

  1. Who’s coming?

As we have explained, getting the invites and guest list confirmed early in the planning phase is key to a good start. The guest list will then be used to choose the best theme for the event and assign the budget. The number of people and their personal tastes and interests will be important to consider in other event planning decisions.

For example, if the people who will be coming are big eaters, then you will know that more of the budget should be assigned to the caterers. If you will be inviting a crowd of party animals, this means that your venue will have to be selected carefully and your caterers offer late night finishes. You will also have to choose a good selection of entertainment.

You should be aware that any of the many sporting events that occur during this time can impact your event. You can get a leg up on this situation by finding ways to incorporate the various sporting events into your party schedule.

This way the sporting event isn’t a distraction to the big summer party but an element that enhances the festivity of the big occasion. When the World Cup was scheduled for the same day as our party, we put up big screens around the rooftop bar. This meant that party goers never had to choose between one event or another. We also orchestrated our other events with the showing of the football game so that the flow and vibe of the party were uninterrupted.

We had croquet games and other activities that were scheduled around the event so that all party goers were happy.

  1. Strategically Located Venue

There is a trick to getting the perfect venue for your event. There are a few angles from which you should examine all possible venue options. Here are some important questions to ask

Do they have the right sized venue? 

If the venue is too big it will feel empty and lacking atmosphere, if it is too small, it will feel crammed and unpleasant. The most centric locations in a major metropolitan area will typically be a little on the smallside. So it will be important to consider your priorities here.

Is the venue you are interested in a convenient location?

Not all you guests will be arriving in their own cars, and there may be transportation needs later in the evening. Is there public transportation close by? It would be very frustrating for guests to arrive after a particularly long or expensive trip and be tired and frustrated for the party.

Is the Venue Weatherproof?

Despite what the weather report said, it just might rain during your big party or event. But if you have chosen an indoor/outdoor location you can enjoy the pleasant outdoors and the cover of a roof if it looks like rain.

Do they have permits to carry the party into the wee hours of the morning (if that is your plan!)?

How is the communication?

Because you will be working so closely with the venue managers in producing this event, it is essential to foster a clear and productive communication system with your choice of venue manager. It is as important to them as it is to you that the event is a success and that you achieve your goals and vision. Most professional venues will have flexible options to suit all budget plans and also have the connections with suppliers that can make the magic happen.

  1. Catering for success

In the end, whether your party is remembered as a success or a failure will largely depend on the food and drink that was served and how it was received. Guests  typically like to mingle and interact with each other when they get together, so sit-down meals are not always the best option. We believe that some of the best ideas are hog roasts, barbeques and asados of all types because they encourage mingling.

When you are planning your dining menu you will want to go all out as this is what people will remember the most. Make sure you look on Pinterest to get some good ideas of how to make a theme based drink selection. But don’t forget that there will be people on your menu who don’t drink alcohol and there will be designated drivers. It can be tough to think of a good non-alcoholic drink selection, but placing some thought into this is well worth the effort.

Finally, make sure you end the meal with a delicious dessert. This can be puddings, cakes, ice creams or make things even more spectacular with a doughnut wall.

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