7 Common Errors in Purchasing Sneakers and How to Avoid Them

It may surprise you to learn that the sneaker industry is expected to reach $100 billion in value in 2026. Sneakers come in many unique styles, giving people plenty of opportunities to express themselves.

When buying sneakers, though, mistakes people often make. Let’s explore some of the most common errors in purchasing sneakers so you can avoid them.

1. Purchasing Counterfeit Items

This is one of the most important mistakes to keep in mind. Purchasing counterfeit items often allows people to save money, but it comes with many drawbacks.

Primarily, doing so is illegal. If you purchase a large number of counterfeit sneakers, you could run into trouble with the law.

Counterfeit sneakers are also made of poor-quality materials, meaning they won’t last nearly as long. Don’t fall victim to items that are priced far below their typical market value. There’s a good chance that these are counterfeit and won’t provide the experience that you anticipated.

2. Not Reading Online Reviews

Before you choose a sneaker store website, it’s crucial to read online reviews.

This will provide insight into the experience other people had. What do they have to say about shipping times? Were they satisfied with the product once it arrived?

Keeping factors like these in mind will make the best decision. Otherwise, you’ll essentially be rolling the dice when you choose a website to purchase from.

3. Not Knowing Your Size

Unless you’ve worn a particular type of sneaker before, it can be difficult to purchase the right size.

For example, you might find that a size 10 fits differently across different brands. The last thing you want is to spend a substantial amount of money on sneakers online to discover you purchased the wrong size.

The good news is that reputable websites often have a sizing chart that can help you figure it out. This often comes in the form of a printable document that helps you match your foot measurements with the right shoe size.

4. Overpaying

Comparing sneaker prices is crucial before making a decision. In some cases, you could find yourself saving hundreds of dollars on a large haul by using the correct resource. You should also consider the typical resale value of a specific sneaker.

For example, you might find a website that lists your favorite sneaker at $500. However, most sales go for around $200 in your size. If you didn’t take the time to research other options, you would’ve spent much more money than you needed to.

5. Foregoing Comfort

It’s true that some people collect sneakers as a form of art. These individuals often have no intention to wear them, and they often protect them in glass cases to prevent exposure to dust, accidents, etc.

For everyone else, don’t forget to consider comfort when buying different types of sneakers.

For you to fully enjoy them, you’ll need to feel good while you wear them. You might end up regretting your purchase if going downtown for the day leaves you with sore feet. Over time, you may also choose to wear comfortable shoes in your collection instead even if they aren’t as stylish.

The primary issue here is that you can’t be sure how comfortable a shoe is if you’ve never worn that type of sneaker before. In a case like this, prioritize buying sneakers that have tons of positive feedback regarding how comfortable they are.

6. Using Shady Websites

Shady websites do more than provide low-quality products. They can also steal your personal/financial information, leading to many complications in the future. The best way to find a reputable website is to pay attention to certain attributes.

They should have a brick-and-mortar location, a dedicated customer support team, and plenty of positive reviews (such as those you can view here).

Get in touch with a sales representative and consider how they communicate with you. If they don’t seem approachable and ready to help you meet your goals, this is a red flag you shouldn’t ignore.

You should also be wary of websites that have strange URLs. For example, there may be a suspicious site called “” which is a page that is likely a scam.

Try Googling the website that you’re considering to see what comes up. If there are any controversies surrounding the site, you’ll likely find them through this search. If everything looks good, you shouldn’t encounter issues.

7. Having No Use For Them

Many people purchase sneakers for special occasions, to create a specific outfit, etc.

Since sneakers are so expensive, it’s important to have a use for them before you buy them. Otherwise, there’s a good chance they’ll end up sitting in your closet for months or years before you ever wear them out. You should avoid buying sneakers that you don’t currently have a use for.

Instead, come up with a reason beforehand to justify the purchase you make. For instance, you could wait until you achieve a certain milestone in your life and then purchase sneakers as a reward. This will make them feel much more special when you wear them later on.

Avoid These Errors in Purchasing Sneakers

To get the best results, it’s crucial to avoid common errors in purchasing sneakers. This will help you find the perfect pair for your needs while preventing issues from arising.

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