Everything new players need to know about survival in Rust

Everything new players need to know about survival in Rust

If you are a newbie in the Rust community then you have come to the right place. The Rust community, as creative and exciting as it can be, it can also be extremely unforgiving.

As a new player, your main priority in excelling at Rust should be to figure out how to survive first of all. It is a brutal game, but once you get the hang of it, you will begin to thrive. Players often say that cheating at rust makes the game more fun which can be true for some.

You should also realize that no one is your ally in Rust, so you can expect frequent betrayals, constant raids and also being pummelled to death.

Yes, you will be by yourself in the world of Rust but it is going to be an exciting journey that you are about to embark on regardless of that. A word of caution: even if you think you’ve made a friend or two on the servers, you should be very much aware that there is a high chance they can turn on you.

Keeping everything in mind, we have crafted this article that will give you all the tips and tricks you need to survive the savage game that is Rust. But you can be assured that you will have the time of your life even if you start off by being scared and anxious. Don’t worry, if you feel like you’re not as skilled as the other players in the game, you’ll also get there sooner or later.

Find all the resource spots

The most important thing when it comes to survival is knowing the best spots to gather resources. In Rust, you’ll find that there are certain spots that spawn resources quicker than other spots.

For instance, if you are chopping for wood, you’ll notice that a red “X” will appear when you are hitting away with your axe.  Once this X appears, your main goal should be to hit it with your axe as it will enable you to gather wood quicker than if you don’t.

This also applies to ore, but instead of an X, you’ll notice a glean on the rock you are aiming for. The key thing to do is to look out for these spots, and then hit with your weapon of choice.

Craft a weapon right away after a respawning

You’d be surprised as to how many unfortunate situations you can end up in after respawning. Remember how we mentioned that the game is unforgiving, you should keep this in mind in every step of the game which also includes when you respawn.

So as soon as you respawn, you should craft a weapon right away in case you find yourself in combat. Wooden spears are usually the way to go, and are often effective in being victorious in early combats.

However, as you progress in the server, you’ll soon realize that you will need to be more resourceful in crafting your weapons so you can defend better.

Be strategic about your settlements

You’ll notice that survival is the most important theme of the game, which also means that you need to have access to shelter whenever you require it.

This will essentially mean that you need to have multiple establishments present around you so you can collect yourself when things go south in battle.

So find certain spots where you can build your settlements, and be strategic about it so you can survive on the server for longer.

Know when to cook

Cooking is everyone’s favourite part in rust, but you also need to know when you should and should not be doing it.

Never cook at night because that is a recipe to be raided if not anything else. You will call attention to yourself very quickly, and will soon find yourself respawning somewhere else.

We all enjoy cooking, but the time to do it is during the day and getting it out of the way while having enough resources on hand before nightfall.

However, if you really need to cook at night make sure you are as far away from the base as possible.

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