Everything to Know About Raising Newborn Corgi Puppies

There’s a tiny new buddy in your life. Are you intrigued by raising newborn Corgi puppies? This breed has been a favorite for athletes, royals, and royalty alike. These dogs are intelligent, soft, and sweet.

They stay forever puppies, too! So, if you’ve recently become a proud owner of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed, we want to help.

If you’re thinking of becoming a corgi parent, there is a lot you need to know before diving head-first into a new chapter of life, so read on to learn everything you need to know about raising corgi puppies.

Maintain a Clean Environment

A clean environment is important when raising newborn Corgi puppies. Keeping the area where puppies are housed or spending time free of dirt and allergens helps to reduce the risk of health and skin problems. Cleanliness should start in the birthing area and continue in any beds, kennels, or crates used for the puppies.

All bedding should be laundered frequently to reduce odors and remove any bacteria. Any debris or mess from the puppies should be cleaned as soon as possible. Keeping the environment clean also limits the spread of diseases and parasites, reducing the need for treatment.

And to ensure a healthy eating environment for the puppies, the food and water bowls should be cleaned daily, and all food should be stored in an airtight container.

Approach the Puppies With Caution

When approaching them, start by speaking calmly, and give them plenty of time to become familiar with their environment and new people. Avoid using loud voices, and don’t startle the puppies. Observe the puppies for signs of fear or stress, they will often try to hide or show a defensive posturing.

Pet them gently and stick to one person handling them at once. Establish eye contact and you can give them treats as a reward for good behaviour. Before handling the puppies, make sure your hands are clean and free of any foreign objects.

Make sure to take frequent breaks so as not to overstimulate the puppies. When handling Corgi puppies, be sure to do so carefully and supervise them at all times.

Provide a Warm Environment

Raising newborn corgi puppies requires creating and providing a warm environment. An ideal temperature range should be between 78-85F and with low humidity levels. It is necessary to monitor humidity levels by using a thermometer and hygrometer.

Having the correct heating equipment and the proper bedding is essential for providing newborn puppies with a warm environment. The bedding helps create a comfortable area for the puppies to lay and sleep, as well as keep them from getting cold. Soft blankets, towels, and fleece are all great options for bedding materials.

The puppies should also have access to a warm area where they can move about and explore. It is important to check the puppies regularly to make sure the environment is warm enough and they are all comfortable. Providing a warm environment is an important part of raising puppies and has an impact on their physical and mental well-being.

Newborn Puppy Nutrition

The best nutrition for newborn Corgi puppies should include specialty dog foods formulated for growing puppies with specific nutrient needs. They also need access to clean, fresh water throughout the day. At three to four weeks of age, puppy food should be moistened with water or high-quality canned puppy food twice daily.

They should be offered small meals several times throughout the day. Keep in mind puppies can easily overeat, so monitor their food intake carefully for health and safety. Make sure their food is rich in protein, carbohydrates, and essential fatty acids for their developing muscle and bones.

Multivitamins may also be added to ensure their developing systems have access to everything they need to grow strong and healthy. Newborn Corgi puppies require a lot of attention and nutrition to ensure they reach adulthood in good health.

Proper Grooming

Proper grooming is an important part of keeping them healthy and happy, and incorporating salmon oil for dogs into their care regimen will ensure they are well looked after. Salmon oil for dogs helps nourish and protect baby Corgi puppies’ skin and it helps hydrate their skin to keep them feeling soft and fluffy. And brushing helps to remove dirt, dead fur, and mats, as well as spreads the hair’s natural oils.

This will help to keep their skin and coat healthy. Make sure to keep up with your nails and trim them regularly to keep them from becoming too long and uncomfortable. Additionally, dental hygiene is important for keeping their teeth clean and healthy.

Include teeth brushing in your puppy’s regular grooming routine. And you should make sure to check their ears and eyes and clean them if necessary. This goes a long way in helping to maintain your puppy’s wellness and prevent any health issues down the road.


As puppies, corgis require a healthy environment where they can be exposed to a variety of socialization with both humans and animals. They must be taught how to behave in various situations and interact with people if they are to grow up to become well-mannered.  Early exposure to a variety of people as well as other animals, and different environments, is key to socializing any breed of pup.

The owner must educate themselves on the importance of socializing a pup, as it not only helps the pup develop into a well-rounded dog but also helps them understand how to navigate the world around them. With the right dedication and effort, corgi puppies can quickly and easily become well-rounded, sociable adults.

Learn How to Take Care of Newborn Corgi Puppies

Raising newborn corgi puppies is no easy task, but it is incredibly rewarding! From detailed overviews of breed information and general care to how to get your puppy used to its new home, everything you need to know is here. If you have a newborn corgi in your life, prepare for endless cuteness and tail wagging.

It’s time to get started on this wonderful journey!

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