Everything you must know about Gmail

Everything you must know about Gmail

There are unlimited ways and tools for boosting online marketing business, but the importance of email marketing is more valuable from all other tools. When you will use email services, then it is not only for online communication. But there are many other fields of life where the use of email services is important. However, Gmail is the most powerful and trusted email service that is best from all other way of communication, whether these are other email services as well as social networking sites. So, you should buy PVA Gmail accounts for using in different fields of life as well as to prove that it is best from all other.

Criticism of Gmail

There are more than 1.5 billion users but it should keep in mind that there are many other email services those have users in billions. So it is an innocent question that why all people is not using Gmail PVA accounts. After thinking a lot time, it is clear that Gmail cannot provide all those features which are required by all people of world. So in this blog, we will mention some reasons due to those some people are choosing other email services. If Google will remove these issues then the number of users will be increased. However, Gmail has more number of users but it is important to increase these numbers. As you know that the thinking of different people is unique. So here we will discuss some criticism of Gmail due to those the number of other email services users is increasing.

Email scanning

Google thinks to provide the service of email service that is free from all virus as well as spam. However if you want to send an email that is sensitive and want to keep it secure from all other people. But it is not possible when you are using Gmail PVA accounts. Because Gmail internal server scans all your emails and before forwarding to other user, it scans. Due to this feature, it is criticise by all users. Because no one wants to show their sensitive messages to others. So, it counts a fault for using Gmail PVA accounts.


If you have sent an email to user and Email Company uses it for their own profit, then it is very bad. If an email service uses this policy, then it is enough for decreasing its impression. An accident in March 2011 was occurred with a user and he claimed that Gmail had used its personal email for ad advertising. In 2012, some more people claimed that some without their knowledge, some messages sent to other accounts. This policy is against about human policies that without the knowledge of users, some third parties are using Gmail accounts.

April 2014 term

Google updates Gmail server when there is need to add or remove any feature. And for this purpose Gmail was updated in April 2014 and in this update, Gmail had tried to tell the people for its scanning policy. According to Google, Gmail only scanned your emails and files only for removing unwanted conditions of your Gmail accounts. So there is no any other reason of scanning. But according to report of Jim killock, it is worst policy of scanning the data of Gmail users and through these scanning; they can do what they want.


Gmail gives the guarantee of data security and in this regard, Gmail makes policies for data security. However, it should keep in mind that in only 2009, there are seven outages and the results are empty Gmail inbox. Gmail had tried to solve these issues, but on February 2011, this issue re-occurred and the inbox of a Gmail account empty. While according to Gmail, email was never lost. But this outage is against to this policy. But Gmail fail in this matter and from time to time there are many problems which occurred due to outages. However, these days, Google announce that we have get the solution of these issue and we give the guarantee of removing these issues up to 99.9%.

All these are some defaults in Gmail and due to these defaults; other email services also have users in billions. However, you cannot ignore the importance of Gmail PVA accounts. So, when you will buy Gmail PVA accounts, then you can get all those works which are important to get from a best email service.


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