Everything You Should Know About Resume Templates 

Everything You Should Know About Resume Templates 

If you are looking for a new job, you need a resume template. Not only can this tool save you time, but it’ll also help you to fill your resume correctly. However, many people don’t understand what resume templates are and how to use them correctly. It’s why we have written this guide. Read on to learn more about these tools.

What’s a Resume Template?

 It’s a tool that helps users write their professional information. Using it, one can organize their professional experience and write a great resume. If you want to build a professional resume, using this tool will be very rewarding.

 However, although a resume template offers you ideas on the best ways to design your resume, it’s not a resume example or format. That’s because a resume format helps you arrange your content based on several factors, which means that it will determine which template you use. On the other hand, a resume example is an illustration where you can draw inspiration on writing your resume.

 Should You Use a Resume Template?

 Yes. To get a job in Singapore, your CV must appeal to recruiters and pass an applicant tracking system (ATS) software, which checks for formatting, keywords, layout, and organization. This, therefore, means that you have to organize your resume as much as possible.

 Resume templates help you organize layouts to impress recruiters. Plus, they are optimized to pass the ATS screening as they ensure the correct formatting, good use of headers and footers, and proper fonts, regardless of a person’s experience.

 Additionally, they provide users with useful details that they may have forgotten, including proper alignment, appropriate color, margins, etc. Also, they make the CV sections to be easily scannable.

 Different Types of Resume Templates

 Chronological Resumes

 It helps hirers easily understand your relevant and recent experience. It works well for someone who has several years of experience in one industry, even if they’ve worked for several industries.

 Functional Resumes

 They mostly focus on skills, qualifications, and experience. But they also emphasize personal traits and qualities. They are best for those who are seeking a job in a different industry from their current.

 Combination Resumes

 These combined chronological and functional resumes. They focus on relevant skills and abilities rather than a person’s employment history. They portray what a person can do and not what they haven’t done.

 Targeted Resumes

 Such are customized to suit the position that a job seeker wants as well as the industry. By doing so, it’ll be easier for you to get noticed as the best candidate.

 How to Choose a Resume Template

 A resume’s structuring is based on various things. So, even when choosing a template make sure that you factor these aspects of your career to get the most appropriate one for you;

 Industry- recruiters in the legal, financial, and medical industries often look for traditional templates because of their conventional layout. However, you’ll be better with a creative template if you’re applying for a marketing job.

 Employment History-a classic template works for beginners as it showcases their skills and education. But those with years of experience should use an executive template that prioritizes their top achievements.

 The Desired Job- if you are applying for the same job you have now in a different company, use a professional template as it’ll highlight your strengths. However, if you are changing your job, you’ll be better with a modern template.

Final Thoughts

 There’s no doubt that a resume template helps your CV look professional and organized. You only have to input your information, and the template will make the necessary adjustments. But when choosing, opt for one that’s easy to use, has a clean layout, includes various editing tools, and allows you to customize.

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