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Explore the Most Popular Travel Destinations Inspired by Instagram

Destinations Inspired by Instagram

Instagram has been successful in creating a trend of ‘social-media-fueled travel, and tourism especially, among the millennials. Whatever the motivation for the millennials Instagram has been impacting their choice of travel destinations to a great extent. Today, we can see those remote destinations that previously attracted only the desperate and hardcore travel aficionados are now constantly thronging with tourists from across the globe. For many, the idea of traveling to a particular destination is to fulfill the goal of capturing that perfect shot that is bound to be Instagram-worthy.

As per the findings of a recent survey organized by Schofields, over 40 percent of those aged below 33 give priority to ‘Instagrammability’ while picking their next vacation destination. According to Forbes, the photo-worthiness of a specific destination seems to beat all other parameters like local cuisine, cost, and free availability of alcohol. It was surprising and intriguing enough to see that sight-seeing opportunity as a factor was given the lowest priority by the millennials.

We understand that Instagram has been a constant source of inspiration and wanderlust. You may consider enjoying a mind-blowing vacation in Fiji or relaxing in an Oregon hot pool. Whatever your choice, Instagram has something to suit every jetsetter’s style, budget, and taste.

Lake Hillier on Middle Island near Esperance in Western Australia

Lake Hillier, Recherché Archipelago in Western Australia, is situated approximately 70 miles or 130 kilometers from Esperance. It involves an eight-hour-long drive from Perth. It is truly a mesmerizing and surreal sight to see the pink lake with the azure waters of the neighboring Indian Ocean and a strip of beautiful lush green forest that seems like a barricade. Even though you can get a picturesque view of the lake by boat, getting an aerial perspective adds a whole new dimension to its beauty. You can also explore the beauty of isla mucura hotels.

You may alternatively enjoy a fascinating road trip along the diverse coast of Western Australia. The lake looks like a humungous glob of bubble gum. The pink color is attributed to the occurrence of Dunaliella Salina, a microorganism that usually, thrives in conditions of high salinity. As such, the pink lake has become a breeding ground and a hotbed for the microorganism.

Love Wall, Culver City

If you have a passion for mouth-watering delicacies and enjoy the company of diverse crowds and great weather, you may head the Culver City in Southern California. You may wish to demonstrate your love at the phenomenally popular and incredibly famous “Love Wall” situated in Culver City. This mural was the brainchild of renowned artist Curtis Kulig. He initiated the well-known ‘love’ mural campaign that featured in various cities like Berlin and Paris.

Kulig happens a brilliant New York-based artist. He has spent some fantastic time in Los Angeles and is forever ready to shower his love on the ‘City of Angels’. However, he has his origins in North Dakota. Kulig’s ‘Love Me Campaign’ is great fun and draws numerous lovers to the Love Wall, Culver City.

It is all about painting the town literally with tons of love. It happens to be a unique art that is simple but powerful. Many millennials flock to the Love Wall, Culver City for getting a perfect ambiance for a super-romantic proposal. They may even choose this hot-favorite destination for a stunning Instagram picture with the splendid wall as a backdrop. Such pictures can inspire countless love birds and boost your Instagram follower count. You may even  Instagram likes to increase your follower count instantly.

FIJI Islands

Fiji was chosen in 2017 for shooting the Swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrate. It known for magnificent sights that leave tourists mesmerized. Travel enthusiasts who have a passion for the outdoors, this is the perfect destination to head to. You could enjoy a round of golf at the world-class Natadola Bay. If you are looking to pump up your adrenaline, hit the water with a rented surfboard. If you are bold and adventurous, you may swim with stingrays.

Kabupaten Gianyar in Bali

Travel buffs looking for a peaceful and spiritual retreat, you may look no further. You may explore the Pura Tirtha Empul, which a Hindu temple situates in Manukaya. Pilgrims go there for cleansing themselves of all the sins by taking a dip in the holy waters. Tourists expectes to respect this entire bathing ritual. They may ask for permission before taking the holy bath in the sacred waters here.

Koh Phangan, Thailand

A marvelous scenic view is a must in terms of relaxing and rejuvenating on vacation. Koh Phangan in Thailand is a hot-favorite tropical tourist spot. You may enjoy a memorable vacation. You may choose to stay at the romantic and cozy beach villas in Kupu Kupu Phangan. And you may enjoy mind-blowing spa services amidst the breathtakingly beautiful natural surroundings. And you may enjoy a boat ride on a conventional fishing boat. You could feel euphoric while riding motorbikes on rent. You may also be a part of the traditional Thai Wedding Ceremony.

Humanity Lake, Peru

Humantay Lake, situated in the ‘Laguna de Humantai’ in Peru is known for spectacular glimpses of Salkantay Mountain just above the stunning azure water; just right for travel buffs wishing to click the best Instagram pictures here. Tourists can opt for staying at Refugios Salkantay. Local families are acting as guides to educate tourists on historical ancestry and cultural norms.


The Instagram factors seem to play a pivotal role while millennials are choosing travel destinations. For some Instagram followers, the idea of gaining so much attention and adulation on Instagram via shares and likes is the main attraction. For some other travel aficionados, Instagram regards as a reliable travel guide. When they come across magnificent destinations that have gained phenomenal popularity, they tempts to visit such places. Instagram credibility seems to be a truly influential factor.


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