Exploring the Installation Cost of the Kitchen Appliances

Exploring the Installation Cost of the Kitchen Appliances

Every domestic kitchen houses a variety of appliances for their time-saving and advanced features. Some big-ticket items might look expensive initially, but their energy efficiency and functionality offsets everything and makes your experiences more rewarding. It can take some time for you to realize that the one-time cost may have helped you save several dollars in the long run. For example, consider your dishwasher. A certified machine preserves almost 5,000 gallons of water annually and brings down your utility bills by USD$40. When you rinse dishes with your hands, you end up wasting plenty of water, and hence, your water bills tend to be higher. Similarly, the fridge keeps your vegetables, fruits, and other food items fresh, reducing food wastage.

When you renovate or build a new kitchen, you have to calculate the installation costs for different appliances, which will consume a part of the total budget. You don’t have to worry about a minor feature, such as an easy to install faucet for the sink. But items like an oven, washer, dryer, dishwasher, and fridge would require professional intervention and cost a significant sum. Here is a brief overview of how much, on average, you may have to pay for the installation to help you with your estimates.

The installation cost for large-size appliances


The vast range of ovens has made your cooking job a breeze. If you replace your old model with a free-standing oven, you can expect it to cost around USD$162. For a fresh installation, charges can go up to USD$200. Another thing you have to consider is the change of the utility source. If you switch from electric to gas, an electrician might ask for USD$180 and a plumber USD$200. The charges can further shoot for wall-mounted ovens needing proper wall, cabinet, or counter space. Usually, hiding an oven in the cabinet proves expensive, as it can consume nearly USD$1,000 to USD$5,000. Of course, the range would vary based on the nature of work, such as finish, door style, wood material, size, etc.


Replacing an existing model will cost you approximately USD$325 to USD$450 when it comes to installation. You can expect this job to finish for a small fee of USD$45- USD$65 if your setup is almost ready with hook-ups. The plumber will be able to install the machine in an hour. The cost will be higher if it requires new pipe installation. The fees can be anywhere from USD$90 to USD$195. Since it is a labor-intensive job, it might likely consume two to three hours. Electricians may ask for USD$65- USD$85 per hour for their job. Plus, you can include the cost of the cabinet too. Carpenters usually charge USD$70 per hour. Since it can be a one or two-hour-long project, you can accordingly calculate the fees.


It remains the main highlight of most modern kitchens. When you buy the latest model, you ensure all the special features work smoothly and efficiently. Now, it will also demand some expenses. To set this up, you may have to spend about USD$116 to USD$3,900. Some people believe the size of the fridge can impact the installation cost, while this depends on the advanced functions, location, and plumbing and electrical works. The charges add up based on where you live – second, third, or any other floor.

Installing one in the outdoor kitchen will have its requirements and installation charges. You may need a water line for this. So it would cost an extra USD$150. Then, to build an accessible electrical outlet, you would have to hire an electrician. They can charge USD$220- USD$750.

Washing machine

If you want to wear fresh clothes every day and avoid expensive laundry bills too, you have only two options – either wash with your hands or let the washing machine do this. Installing this machine can free up the time and effort that goes into handling the piles of clothes. It can be a blessing, particularly for large families. You can buy a dryer and washing machine together or separately,  and the same goes for installation. The installation cost of the washer depends on the size, type, and functions. Still, you can expect it to be from USD$100 and USD$200 without rewiring or retrofitting. The electrician fee can range from USD$40 to USD$120 per hour shall you need new electrical lines.

The benefit of considering the appliance installation cost

The reason to switch to a new model can be anything. Your old appliance may have become defunct, or the size of the same product is not efficient for your growing family. Or, you want to update your kitchen with the latest designs and features. No matter what drives you to do this, you have to know how much investment it requires. You can calculate the installation expenses easily if you are aware of all the significant factors like appliance repair.

Considering these aspects help you allocate a reasonable budget to your home improvement project. When most of the things are already there on the list, you can manage your funds well. Even if a surprise cost adds up, you will not struggle or stress. Plus, a realistic budget will not give you room to have higher expectations.

It is necessary to note that all the charges are a rough estimate. These are to give a sense of the overall installation expenses. Your location, labor cost, machine type, and other requirements will have the ultimate say.

Renovating a kitchen or any part of the house can be fun. But with places like the kitchen and bathroom, you need to be extra careful because these involve water and electricity. Also, these areas are the most common to use innovative equipment. That’s why your investment can be higher and risky at the same time. So, instead of applying your DIY skills to save a few dollars, you can hire a proper contractor for the work. Their skills, knowledge, and experience can ensure the safety and security of your features. To be precise, it will be better not to take any chance with these types of renovation projects.

Written by Enaa Mari

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