Factors Contributing To The Growing Popularity Of Metal Roofing Among Homeowners

In recent years, the popularity of metal roofing has soared to the next level among residential property owners. Anyone could hardly imagine the current scenario, even half a decade back. In 2020, the metal roofing market worth was $23.8bn, and experts strongly believe that the total value of this market will touch $33.5bn by the end of 2030. 

Previously, factories, production units, manufacturing facilities and warehouses would use metal roofs. The situation started changing significantly with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. It compelled the majority of homeowners to resort to a more affordable, durable, energy-efficient and eco-friendly residential roofing system. 

Currently, metal roofs belong to one of those rapidly growing innovations, particularly in the residential property remodeling market. Homeowners have understood that investing in metal roofing is a prudent financial decision as roofs made of metal can last over 50 years. Moreover, metal roofs are available at present on the market in an eclectic variety of shapes, styles, finishes and colors.

Let’s explore other crucial factors causing a remarkable growth in the popularity of metal roofing.

Weather-Resistant Properties

Metal roofs are way ahead of traditional asphalt shingles when withstanding extreme weather conditions. This roofing material is incredibly durable and stands out because of its exceptional ability to reflect heat and repel moisture. Therefore, individuals who live in places with humid climates prefer metal roofs. 

You won’t have to take the trouble of removing snow from the roof after a heavy snowfall if it is made of a top-quality metal. One of the innate aspects of a metal roof is that it is very slippery, which prevents snow accumulation. The metal roof of your residence won’t have to bear the weight of the snow as it causes snow to glide down effortlessly. 


Compared to other roofing materials, metal roofs are lightweight. Thus, the roof footholds do not have to withstand much load-bearing pressure, which upholds the structural stability of a property. In addition, metal roofs’ upper surface has interlocking panels, which restrain rough winds from causing an adverse effect. Because of its lightweight nature, expert roofers do not have to experience any hassle when carrying out metal roof installation or replacement. 

Also, hiring professionals from a reputed roofing company so as to conduct metal roofing repair activities won’t cost you much. The reason is that the lightweight aspect of metal roofs facilitates roofers to perform their tasks in much less time, reducing labor expenses.


Metals are 100% recyclable, which is why roofs made of metal are ecologically friendly. Old, damaged or demolished asphalt or composite shingles mostly end up in landfills post-replacement. Once the shelf life of metal roofs is over, they undergo a transformation to form new metal sheets or other metal products. 

Everyone must take responsibility to make this planet more sustainable, for which reducing carbon footprint is indispensable. It is high time to prioritize and use everything recyclable. Choose metal roofs to build a new house or replace the current roofing system. Taking this step will enable you to contribute to a cleaner, greener and more sustainable world.

Fire and Impact Resistance

Metal roofs are sought-after among homeowners for their durability aspect. Therefore, this highly durable roofing system is excellent at resisting impacts during severe rainfall, hailstorms and harsh weather. Moreover, metal roofs do not catch flames even if lightning strikes them during a thunderstorm. Residential properties in regions prone to wildfires prefer metal roofing as it is resistant to fire. 

Minimal Maintenance 

Once you hire experienced roofing contractors to install or repair the metal roofing system of your home, you need not worry about its maintenance. Homeowners with metal roofs require to invest minimal effort and time to ensure it is in good condition. 

Various factors, including high durability, high resistance and impenetrability, collectively reduce its maintenance needs. You can enjoy a more hassle-free, sustainable and comfortable life with metal roofs over your head. 

Lowers Energy Costs

The electricity bills in summer are always high, especially in those homes that do not have proper insulation. The AC consumes more power to cool rooms when the roof remains hot throughout the day because of its exposure to the sun in the scorching summer months. Metal roofs have an innate airspace, instrumental in lowering attic heat and energy costs. 

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