Famous faces that love a spin of the Slots

Famous faces that love a spin of the Slots

Whilst the celebrity lifestyle is known to be action packed and full to the brim with red carpet events, you’ll be interested to know that our favourite famous faces still find time to dabble in a game or two of Slots. That’s right, in between learning lines and technical rehearsals, some of the top names in Hollywood gravitate towards the ever-tempting reels, both with online video Slots and in-person games, in the hopes of adding to their fortune.

Read on to find out the who’s who of famous Slots players and take a walk along the hall of fame.

Pamela Anderson

After running along the sandy beaches of the Baywatch set, Pamela Anderson allegedly loves to venture into her local gaming venue for a couple of games on the slot machine. Perhaps in homage to her love of the game, there’s even a Baywatch themed slot machine out there, which Anderson herself has played.

As well as further demonstrating her love for the game, it’s said that featuring on a slot is also a well-endorsed way to make an extra buck. In fact, music mogul Madonna is said to have made up to 10 million dollars, just from putting her name on a slot game!

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is known and respected in the acting world, and also holds his own when it comes to gaming tables. Well established in high-stake Blackjack tournaments, Affleck likes to bet big and use strategies wherever possible. And what better way to pass the time after a successful game of Blackjack? Well, Slots of course! And being an all-round nice guy, Affleck has also been known to dish out handsome tips to any member of staff who aid him in his gameplay, whether that be on the slot machine or around the gaming tables.

David Gest

Although sadly no longer with us, David Gest is known for a number of reasons. He was a respected music producer and a husband to the iconic Liza Minnelli, but what you might not know if that he also famously had an intense love for Slots!

Gest was a big spender when it came to spinning the reels of his favourite slot machines. Whilst it is unknown which slot theme tickled his fancy the most, we like to imagine that he played a little bit of everything. Afterall, the options are endless!

Ellen DeGeneres

Often referred to as just “Ellen”, thanks to her long running talk show, this vibrant character is not shy to voice her love for Slots. The game has found its way onto her show many times, and in a whole host of forms. What’s more, DeGeneres even has a slot game dedicated to her, in the form of IGT’s Ellen: Sharing the Love. Just like her much-loved television show, the Ellen-themed slot is filled to the brim with bonus features and unexpected twists, staying true to the host’s flamboyant persona.

Queen Elizabeth II

Now for the most unexpected feature on our list. According to historical sources, Queen Elizabeth II loved to spin the then-mechanical reels in her downtime. It’s also interesting to note that her Royal Highness would have witnessed first-hand the transition from mechanical machines to the electronic and online form that we recognise today.

Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.

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