Famous Photographers You Need to Know About

Famous Photographers You Need to Know About

Whether you enjoy taking photographs yourself, or you are simply a fan of the art and enjoy looking at unique and beautiful shots on online photo sharing sites, there is no denying that this is an incredibly diverse field. There are photographers that span a wide range of styles, from fashion to landscape to event photography. With that being said, below, we are going to take a look at some of the most famous photographers that you need to know about. 

Imogen Cunningham 

The first photographer that we are going to take a look at on this list is Imogen Cunningham. A famous photographer from the United States, Imogen has an excellent reputation for her industrial landscapes, botanical photography, and nudes. In the early days, a lot of her work consisted of blurred imagery and soft focus, which helped to create a mysterious air that is very much associated with her photos. As she further explored photography, she started to experiment with crisper and sharper images, creating a style that we know and love today as sharp focus photography. If you’re interested in sharp focus images, you should certainly take the time to check out some of Imogen’s work.

Eliot Porter 

Famous for colourful photos of nature, Eliot Furness Porter was a famous photographer from America. He used a Kodak box camera accessories tripod as a child to capture images of landscapes and birds. It was from here that his passion for photography really begun. He was inspired by the photos that were taken by Ansel Adams in 1933, and this compelled Porter to start working with a large-format camera. The results were certainly incredible, and it is worth spending some time look at the creations Porter is responsible for.

Robert Frank 

You will struggle to find a more prolific photographer than the amazing Robert Frank. He started working in the realm of commercial photography in 1941. His journey began in Geneva, Basel, and Zurich, but he then secured a job in the United States as a fashion photographer in 1947. Considered unconventional at the time, he used his 35 mm Leica to take his iconic shots. He then decided to turn his attention to photojournalism and street photography between the years 1950 and 1959, and this is when he really started to become incredibly famous in the industry.

Cindy Sherman 

Last but not least, we have Cindy Sherman who is a conceptual artist from America. She is considered one of the most influential photographers in the modern age of art. Her photography explores the modern identity and the nature of representation. Her work is drawn from a limitless supply of images from art history, the Internet, magazines, and television. She also places herself within her own work, using a number of different personas and disguises. 

If you’re looking to get inspiration from great photographers so that you can improve your own photographs by learning from the greats, this is a great list to help you get started.

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