Fast Heating – Deep Cooling in Just 1 Minute with Mutosi Hot and Cold Water Purifier

The Mutosi Hot and Cold Water Purifier is equipped with superior heating and cooling technology, providing a convenient and quick water supply solution for every household.

Fast Heating Technology Saves Up to 100°C and Electricity

Instant heating technology, which directly boils water, allows the Mutosi Hot and Cold Water Purifier (May loc nuoc nong lanh Nhat Ban) to produce hot water at up to 100°C in less than 1 minute. Users can enjoy hot or cold water conveniently and safely as soon as they select the water mode. This is a significant advantage that sets Mutosi apart from conventional hot and cold water purifiers in the market, which usually take 2 – 3 minutes to provide hot water.

The Mutosi Hot and Cold Water Purifier features smart temperature customization, offering water output ranging from 25 to 100°C. Users can easily set the desired temperature according to their specific needs.

The Mutosi MP-100HIC water purifier has the capability to provide hot water at temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius, allowing users to customize the water temperature according to their preferences.

Using the Mutosi Hot and Cold Water Purifier saves energy thanks to separate hot and cold switches and instant heating technology. The device can shut off either the hot or cold water mode when requested, reducing electricity consumption compared to having both switches continuously on.

Furthermore, the instant heating technology ensures that the device only heats water when the user opens the hot water tap. This results in up to 84% energy savings compared to equivalent devices that maintain a constant supply of hot water.

Deep Cooling to 6°C with Advanced Technology

Mutosi’s Hot and Cold Water Purifiers typically employ the latest cooling technologies, such as Block or Dual Chip technology, to significantly enhance the efficiency of water cooling.

Block cooling technology, also known as a piston compressor, utilizes a combination of components including a piston, condenser, evaporator, and refrigerant to maintain low water temperatures. Its advantage lies in its ability to quickly, efficiently, and deeply cool water down to 6°C.

Dual Chip cooling technology, on the other hand, employs double the number of electronic chips compared to devices with single chips of the same technology available on the market. This increased chip count significantly improves cooling performance, resulting in faster, deeper, and more stable water cooling.

Currently, there are three cutting-edge water heating and cooling technologies employed in Mutosi water purifiers:

1. Block Cooling Technology Combined with Rapid Heating: This solution is currently rated as the most superior. With Block technology and rapid heating, this product can provide both hot and cold water quickly at ideal temperatures.

The Mutosi MP-100HIC is equipped with Block cooling technology, combined with the instant heating feature, providing users with the most superior water supply solution.

2. Block Technology with Normal Heating Speed: This approach combines Block technology with regular heating speed and is used in models like the Mutosi MP692 and MP-F1021.

3. Enhanced Dual Chip Technology: This advanced cooling method can double the cooling efficiency compared to single-chip systems. It is applied in the Mutosi MP-C102-MHC model.

The Mutosi MP-C102-MHC utilizes Dual Chip technology, which offers twice the cooling speed and stability compared to devices using single chips.

In addition to these modern cooling technologies, Mutosi Hot and Cold Water Purifiers prioritize safety, user-friendliness, and efficient filtration, achieving up to 99.99% effectiveness. This ensures that users can enjoy the convenience of direct drinking water while contributing to a healthier Japanese-standard lifestyle.

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