Find Out How Tattoos Can Limit Your Career

Find Out How Tattoos Can Limit Your Career

The craze of tattoos is not seen to be stopping any time soon. Just ask San Francisco tattoo shop ownerVan Trinidad, who has seen exponential growth in his business over the last three decades. In fact, the trend is being so in and is now a commonplace. Gone are the days when tattoos was considered hallmarks of bikers, nowadays women and men are seen with tattoos covering their entire arms and legs.

Tattoos are now much more acceptable when it comes to your professional career. They, however, do prove as a hindrance. These are usually brought up when it comes to your work and jobs. Your refusal to cover the does tattoo numbing cream work area can make you lose jobs. The intensity, however, differs from place to place. One of the reports states that 14 percent of the people were hesitant of hiring employees who are tattooed while 23 percent were of the opinion that it shouldn’t be a deciding factor. The remaining chose location and number of tattoos as the deciding factor to employ a person.

Career stain 

Whether it is that cute little tattoo on your arm or it is the whole animal tattooed on your lower back, whether it is the small flower that you are wearing a tattoo of on your neck or it is something personal tattooed, the ink can actually prove to be a career stain. The people who have crossed the age of 18 but are under 29 are at least found to have a tattoo. The fact that this is a flawed world working in its own principles where people are judged for having a tattoo is unlike the perfect one where the only thing that matters is merit. There is no doubt the fact that character judging has always been prevalent based on people’s appearance. The jobs are no exception where your promotions and other evaluations will strongly be affected by the fact if you have a tattoo or not along with many other things. How objectionable they are considered would definitely come as a surprise to most of you. If you do decide to remove your ink, do some research into tattoo removal healing processes.


The percentage of people working in offices and having a small tattoo which can be seen are only 12 percent. The hiring process not only depends upon your merits and talents but also the fact that you shouldn’t be inked. The tattoo cosmetics industry is flourishing based on this purpose because this is the extent to which they appear objectionable to people. The discrimination due to tattoo on some area of body is quite common.


The people who are older perceive tattoos as unpleasant and disagreeable at work. The younger ones, on the other hand, don’t feel this bad about tattoos. At the workplace, tattoos are still required to be covered through cosmetics. The characters are still associated with tattoos. However, the young people mostly approve of it and are quite accepting of having them.

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