Five Common Acts of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Five Common Acts of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

An average person will spend a third of their life at work, approximately 90,000 hours. That is such a long time to spend in a place where you do not feel safe or comfortable because of sexual harassment. Unfortunately, that is the case for most people, who may not know how to file a complaint against the harasser.

Some people brush it off or learn to live with it because they need a job to survive. The company’s responsibility is to educate its employees about sexual harassment at work and put in place policies that help support each employee for a healthy workforce. Today, we will look at everyday acts of sexual harassment in the workplace.

When to Look For Sexual Harassment Lawyer Near Me

Sometimes sexual harassment is not straightforward. It is coated with meanness and arrogance that most people would excuse for a lousy personality. However, it is essential to distinguish between mere malice and sexual harassment because the latter could get worse with time. Below are five everyday acts of sexual harassment that you may experience at the workplace.

1.    Inappropriate Touching by a Coworker or a Boss

It may sound unlikely because most workplaces are in an open space where everyone can see everyone, but it happens so often that you would be surprised. Some harassers don’t care, while others will start with friendly touches and advance to inappropriate ones with time. Whether the inappropriate touches come from a boss or a fellow employee, it is essential to let them know that you are not okay with the touching. If they do not stop, you can browse to look for a ‘Sexual harassment lawyer near me‘ and file a complaint.

2.    Making Sexual Remarks

Sexual harassment is not just physical. It can also be verbal, where the harasser sexually talks to you while at work. They can also make sexual remarks about your body or anything about you. That can be pretty uncomfortable at work, and if you are not in the capacity to change workplaces, you can feel threatened every time you have to go to work. Look for ‘Sexual harassment lawyer near me’ before that situation escalates. You could also try to talk to the human resource to see if you can get any help from the company.

3.    Sexual Favors Requests

Sexual favor requests are among the most common sexual harassment acts, especially from coworkers in a position of power. Some bosses or managers will request sexual favors to give you a promotion or any other service in the company. Failure to which you can either get fired, demoted or paid less. This type of sexual harassment should not be acceptable because it makes employees feel like they have to sleep with their bosses to make a living. You can do a ‘Sexual harassment lawyer near me’ search on the internet to get a law firm to help you file a complaint against that person.

4.    Sending Pornographic Content Without Consent

Some harassers will send pornography to coworkers without their consent. It can be anyone from a coworker to a boss or a client. Do not let it slide by just blocking them because they might look for other ways to send such images and videos to you. File a complaint with any ‘Sexual harassment lawyer near me to ensure the harasser is brought to justice and does not do that to anyone else. Otherwise, you will end up feeling unsafe and scared while at work.

5.    Making Unwelcome Sexual Advances

The workplace is not a place to find a lover, but some people find their lovers in the office. However, not everyone will appreciate sexual advances from people in the office if you say no to someone and still keep making sexual advances, workplace sexual harassment. You can report it to HR or file a complaint in court.


The number of times that different people search for ‘Sexual harassment lawyer near me and never do anything with the information they find is too many. Do not suffer in silence because you think nothing can be done about workplace sexual harassment. Hire a good law firm and live harassment-free at the office.

Written by Enaa Mari

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